Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Outfit: Slip Sliding Away





Matalan Snakeskin

Well, I had a fun commute this morning. Having scraped sheet ice off my windscreen, I made it off my estate (which I knew would be icy) and headed into the village. Going up the hill to get out of the village a lorry was sliding around on the ice. I stopped and gave him plenty of space and he got moving and managed to get down the road. I tried to set off again and (in 4WD mode) just skidded. I had to roll back into some deeper snow at the side of the road to get a grip. At the end of that road I had to stop to turn right but my car just slid to the left. A van was trying to turn right into the road I was coming out of, but his back wheels were spinning and then van ended up turning right around on the ice. Sensibly the driver gave up and headed back the way he’d come. Once I got out of the village the roads had been gritted and I got to work OK. However, I’m not looking forward to going to drama group this evening as it is at the top of a big hill which will not have been gritted.

I wanted to wear my new waistcoat today so I paired it with the skirt it matches. I love the super long sleeves on the purple top and the ruching detail. I have a thermal top on underneath to ward off the sub-zero temperatures. I have two pairs of tights on again too. Back in the first series of Gok’s fashion fix, Gok Wan said that if you put white tights under a coloured pair, it makes the colour more vibrant. I don’t have any white tights but I do have cream ones and, having decided that black tights wouldn’t work as the under layer, put the cream ones on instead.

Grey waistcoat – Long Tall Sally (eBay)
Grey skirt – Long Tall Sally
Purple top – Long Tall Sally
Purple tights – Accessorize
Snakeskin shoes – Matalan
Purple necklace – gifted
Silver earrings – gifted

Total Est. Cost £81


  1. Oh my goodness! I love this. Two of my favorite colors are purple and gray.

    Sounds like a dosey of a drive in. We rarely have snow and I'm jealous until I hear about driving in

  2. Thank you! It was a bit treacherous this morning. I shall be staying at home tomorrow if it's like that again.