Friday, December 08, 2017

Outfit: November 30th – The Same As The First







I swear, November totally flew by this year. It’s like it was October, I blinked, and suddenly it was the last day of November. Where did it go?!

Looking back at my Instagram I saw that I wore almost this exact outfit on the first day of November – only with white pumps and non-fleecy lined tights as it was considerably warmer back then. There was a frost every morning of the final week of the month; does that mean we’re going to get a cold and snowy winter? Here’s hoping!

Sweater – New Look Tall
Skirt – Primark
Boots – Steve Madden (c/o Sarenza)
Choker – Primark
Earrings – Primark

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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Outfit: November 29th – All The Primark





Another day, another all-Primarni (or Premier Mar-ket as my friend S likes to call it) outfit! This slightly festive jumper was a real find about three years ago as it’s 80% wool and my lovely little sister kindly bought it for me that Christmas. The skirt is cosy and knitted and is from last autumn/winter. The boots are this year’s offering, and they are so comfy (I added a fleecy insole to each boot for added comfort and cosiness!).

Sweater – Primark (gifted)
Skirt – Primark
Boots – Primark
Choker – Primark
Earrings – Etsy

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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Outfit: November 28th – Navy Dress Files #4





A simple shift dress like this is perfect for adding layers underneath as well as over the top. (If it gets really cold I might even do both!) Adding a layer under a dress means you stay warm but you can still show off your dress. And mixing black and navy is something I love to do.

Dress – Long Tall Sally (sale)
Sweater – New Look Tall
Boots – Primark
Necklace – George at Asda
Earrings – self made

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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Outfit: November 24th – Pink and Grey





Just a few phone-in-the-mirror shots for this one as my camera battery died the previous day and I forgot to charge it up. Oops.

I seem to have adopted a cold-weather Friday uniform this year: cosy sweater, jeans and over the knee boots. It’s warm and it works so I don’t see any reason to mess with it.

Sweater – Topshop Tall (sale)
Jeans – Primark
Boots – Primark
Necklace – gifted

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Monday, December 04, 2017

Outfit: November 23rd – Black on Black on Tan





According to my Timehop I wore an all-black outfit this time last year too: this same sweater and my flared cord trousers. Perhaps there’s just something about it being a month before Christmas that depresses me?

It wasn’t too cold the week I wore this, hence the bare ankles. I wasn’t going be going out in the snow or anything like this! I had thought about adding my OTK boots, but with the polo neck I thought it might look a bit too covered up so I opted for shoes instead. The brogues seemed like good middle ground as they are a full coverage shoe but still left my ankles exposed.

Sweater – New Look Tall
Trousers – F+F at Tesco
Shoes – Primark
Necklace – George at Asda
Earrings – Primark

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Friday, December 01, 2017

Outfit: November 21st – Work to Play








We’re not really supposed to wear jeans during the week, but it’s a quiet time of year and we hardly ever have visitors to the office so I figured I could get away with a dark pair and heels for one day. Especially as I was going straight out into Town after work and it meant I didn’t need to get changed. I met my sister to see Steps (and special guests the Vengaboys!) which was fab!

So I layered a sweater over my fancy black and silver top for work, then lost the sweater for the concert. Easy peasy!

Sweater – Long Tall Sally
Top – New Look Tall
Jeans – Long Tall Sally (via eBay)
Boots – Clarks outlet (sale)
Necklace – gifted
Earrings – Ziggy of Clevedon

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Outfit: November 20th – Burgundy and Tweed







I found my non-fleecy burgundy tights (that I thought I’d lost/had got thrown out for having ladders/holes last year) so that was as good an excuse as any for a burgundy-based outfit. I briefly considered a black polo neck but went with the burgundy one as it was less sombre.

Top – Long Tall Sally
Skirt – Topshop Tall (sale)
Boots – Clarks (Debenhams, sale)
Earrings – Primark

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