Thursday, June 26, 2008

All About My Shoes

I was asked last week by Fabulously Broke to do a post about my shoe collection. So, here goes: I’ll tell you a little about all the pairs I have pictures of.

Barratts Red Point
These were bought for £8 in the Barratts sale about a year or so ago. They are a brighter red than the red pair I already owned and were such a bargain that I couldn’t leave them on the rack. The style name is ‘Bananarama’, a group that I still like all these years after their 80s heyday. I will admit here to owning their Greatest Hits CD and a vinyl album.

Ethel Austin Black Platforms
No, I don’t really need platforms but for £3.50 when Ethel Austin was shutting down, they were a bargain. I think these are my latest shoe acquisition. They are the plainest pair of black shoes that I own and will be very useful when the winter comes and I am back to wearing trousers and long length jeans.

Ethel Austin Blue Flats
I was bored with my options of flats in red, beige or silver and spotted this blue leather pair for £5 in the EA sale. You have no idea how pleased I am that EA is no longer shutting down!

Clarks Pink MJs
These are suede and leather and don’t get worn all that often. A possible candidate for eBay I think. About £18 in the sale.

Faith Pink Round Toes
These were purchased in September 2006 with a 20% discount from Company magazine. They are leather and have stretched out a little so that they are a bit big for me now. Something that does not often happen!

So Danca Black Dancing Shoes
Bought February 2008 for participating in the show. They are currently residing in their box ready to be brought out again when dance rehearsals start again next year. Hands down they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. Perhaps I should have worn those today!

Dolcis Black Brogue-Style
These were £20 I think in the Dolcis sale. I am still disappointed that Dolcis has shut down as they stocked size 9s in their stores. However, some of the brand’s styles still live on through Barratts.

Dorothy Perkins Red Patent Flats
I know that Dorothy Perkins make some of their shoes in a 9, but for some reason this fact is never advertised on their website. Occasionally there is the odd pair lingering in the sale and these were £7 last summer.

Evans Ribbon Bow Round Toes
I bought these along with 2 other pairs in a fit of excitement at finding somewhere new that stocked size 9s. They don’t get worn very often because of their pale colour. I must try to rectify that this year. £10 I think, in the sale. The young man doesn’t like the colour of them.

Evans Brown Suedette Wedges
In the sale with the above pair. Pretty comfortable because of the flexisole. I don’t know why I don’t wear these more often – possibly because they are not so good in the rain.

Faith Silver Flats
One of the few pairs I actually paid full price for. (Actually, they may be the only pair I have now as I sold my other full price pair on eBay recently.) I may be a shoe-a-holic but I hardly ever pay retail price for them.

Faith Beige Heels
Again, I don’t wear these so often because of the colour but they are very stylish. £25 in the sale.

New Look Bronze Glitter Shoes
£4.99 in Oxfam. I saw them and left them on my first visit but when they were still there a few days later I knew I had to have them! I wear them when I’m going out but not walking far as the glitter can dig in to the side of my feet.

Bridesmaid Shoes
These are now a deep shade of red, they were dyed to match my dress. Bought for £70 (oh there you go, that was full price) in August 2006 for my sister’s wedding. They are satin with leather soles and are possibly the most expensive shoes I own. They are very comfortable but I now regret not getting more of a heel as they are a bit flat to be glamorous in my opinion.

Matalan Burgundy Patent Bows
£2.50 in the sale. Need I say more? Bought last summer.

Matalan Teal Faux Suede Wedges
These are my only teal shoes so I love them. They are pretty comfortable considering they were only £10 (full price – whaddaya know, I have more than I thought!).

Matalan Black Patent Lace Ups
These were a bit of an ‘it’ shoe for a while last year and a few of the Shiny girls have them. £14 (full price again) in Matalan in September 2007.

Moda in Pelle Blue Almost-Flats
These are almost-flat as they have a teeny tiny kitten heel on them. They are one of my favourite pairs and have been worn to death – literally, as they are now starting to fall apart. Reheeled more times than I can remember, and resoled, they have lasted well since about 2002. £40 I think, full price again.

Magrit Navy Patent
These were £22 from a local outlet mall, bought in July 2006, just as I was starting this blog. They are leather all over, including the soles.

New Look Grey Suedette Round Toes
£4.99 in a charity shop at the seaside. They were like new and fit me perfectly. Again, they are not practical in the rain.

New Look Suede Shoe-Boots
I paid £25 for these. Full price I thought but the picture from the website says £30 so perhaps not. Again, a bit of an ‘it’ shoe within the Shiny community – a number of us have these as they came in grey, black and blue. They are real suede. Bought September 2006.

Next Black & Cream Shoes
£5 in a charity shop, Oxfam I think. They were in good nick and a size 9 so I had to have them. The sticker on the underneath says they were £44.99 new.

Nine West Pink Strappy
I can’t remember how much these were but they were in Debenhams sale so about £18 I think. They have padding under the ball of the foot to improve comfort.

New Look Black Peeptoes
£4.99 in the St Martin’s hospice shoe. They were just sitting in the window, looking at me. What could I do?

New Look Blue Patent
£5 in the sale. Bright blue. So me. These were bought on the same day as the red Barratts ones at the top of the list. I had £12 to spend from my ‘saving for shoes’ money box.

New Look Brown Round Toes
These were bought fairly recently from eBay for about a fiver I think.

New Look Leopard Print
Yet another eBay find. They are faux suede. I wasn’t sure about leopard print when it first had its resurgence a few years back, but inspired by Londyn and Allie, I think it has become a classic.
New Look Turquoise Peep Toes
£2.99 in a charity shop. I bought these at the end of last summer but never really got to wear them because of the rain. One of my favourite pairs this year.

Oasis Black & White Strappy
I don’t wear these very often so I think I will eBay them. I got them in Dublin in 2004 in the sale.

Oasis Green Peeptoes
£4.99 in Oxfam. I think I have worn these once since I got them last year but they are occasion shoes and are waiting for the right occasion to be worn.

Office Blue Metallic Point
My favourite pair of shoes, hands down. I love them! They are comfy enough to wear for a night of dancing and look fab with everything. £20 which I think was full price. I spotted these on the Office website when I had clicked through from Shoewawa to look at another pair entirely. With my love of all things blue and shiny it was love at first site and I had to have them. That was in December 2006.

Ethel Austin Pink Patent Flats
I have some pink flats from George at ASDA that I got in 2004. But they have become so scuffed and scruffy that they have been relegated to driving shoes some time since and I had been on the look out for a replacement for a while. So when I saw these for £5 in Ethel Austin’s closing down sale I got them.

Primark Brown Peeptoes
£2.99 in a charity shop. This is the only pair of Primark shoes I own (excluding the flip flops I have on today).

New Look Red Wedges
£4.99 in the British Heart Foundation shop. I do love me some New Look shoes!

Next Red Points
Another full price pair, but only £16.99 and real leather. I got these in August 2006 and wore them constantly. I still love them now.

Roberto Vianni Brown Ankle Strap
£19 in the Debenhams sale but I had a gift voucher so they cost me nothing. They look nice but don’t walk far in them – as I learned yesterday!

Brantano Silver Heart Sandals
Bought at Christmas 2005 to wear for an evening event on Boxing Day. £12 but I think that was the sale price. They have a low heel so are a good alternative to flip flops for work on a hot day.

New Look Yellow MJs
Another eBay purchase. I don’t wear a lot of yellow but I am slowly incorporating these into my outfits.

Ks Shoes Grey Courts
I have decided that I like these and am keeping them. I just haven’t figured out what to wear them with yet. Any suggestions?


  1. My word, that's a lot of shoes. I could probably count all my pairs on my fingers. I am quite envious though, if I could walk in heels I'd probably have a shoe addiction too (although probably not to rival yours!)

  2. The Oasis Green Peeptoes are gorgeous. Very elegants shoes!

  3. YAY!!!!

    I LOVE those red bow shoes (first ones) the best. Okay, I also love those Next Black and Cream Shoes... yummy...

    Am gonna link this :D

  4. Congratulations! All of them are stylish and sexy.
    Barratts Red Point. I can’t imagine that a human creature has ever stepped on them. They are very sexy. If I ever see a woman in the street wearing them, I shall loose control (imagine me on a bike). I am sure I shall steal them and I don’t care if I shall face court.

    Danca black dancing shoes. Adorable. They make me think of a musical.

  5. You said these are your shoes, but how come the prices are still on some of them?

    You ... stole them?

  6. The black and white strappy are the hottest ever!!!!!!

  7. I vote for the New Look Black Peeptoes as Number 1 )))

  8. Black and white strappy sandals by far are the best!!!!!

  9. Oasis strappy sandals!!!!

  10. What brand are those gold sparkly shoes? I'm looking for some exactly like those for my wedding!

  11. Hi Sara
    The 'gold sparkly ones' are bronze glitter and were from New Look. However, as I bought them from a charity shop back in 2007, your best bet now would be eBay. Good luck!