Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Outfit: Ruby Shoesday and More Snow







Red flat

I had to wear my Merrell snow boots to go out in again this morning due to the snow. I do love the snow but it does limit my footwear choices somewhat.

I’ve made it to work today and put my fabulous red boots on when I got here. They make me smile every time I catch sight of them.

Remember that grey dress I asked about the sleeves last week? Well it went to the alterations lady in my village yesterday to have the sleeves removed. I think it will be far more versatile without them; and just in time for Dressember which starts tomorrow.

Grey cardi – New Look Tall
Grey sweater – Long Tall Sally
Jeans – Topshop Tall
Cream leather belt – gifted
Red boots – Shoe Express (eBay)
Red beads – Ethel Austin
Silver snowflake earrings – Funky Junk Jewellery

Total Est. Cost £64

Monday, November 29, 2010

Outfit: Snow Day







TG Rinding

This was going to be a Shoeper Challenge as I have not worn these boots yet. Well, I have still not worn these boots out of the house because it has snowed again. I got up this morning and it wasn’t snowing, and we’d had no new snow overnight. So I got ready, had breakfast, got togged up in my coat, hat, scarf, gloves, snow boots, opened the front door and promptly closed it again. It was snowing. Hard. I decided it would be wise to work from home and avoid the inevitable traffic chaos that always ensues when there is a bit of snow.

I put my cream pashmina on when I almost went outside, and I still have it on now. I am toying with the idea of putting the heating on but want to see how long I can last without it.

Black cardi – New Look Tall
Black cami – 3 Suisses
Teal dress – F+F at Tesco, shortened (charity shop)
Black leggings – New Look Tall
Black OTK socks – Long Tall Sally
Black boots – Tall Girls
White gold and diamond cross necklace - gifted
Silver snowflake earrings - Funky Junk Jewellery

Total Est. Cost £111

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Outfit: Cosy Cashmere






Asda leopard slipper boots

Another slipper outfit I’m afraid as there is still snow on the ground. We went to my parents’ for a family lunch with my dad’s family. I wore my Merrell boots again to go outside in and spent the rest of the day in my slipper boots. Two things I learnt today: one – it is possible to wear a summer top in winter as long as you layer up with cosy cashmere and a scarf. I have another camisole on underneath as well. And two – this hairstyle will survive having a woolly hat over it. These pictures were taken when we got home. It was snowing when we left my parents’ so on went the hat for warmth and to stay dry.

Black cashmere cardi – F+F at Tesco
Blue cami – New Look Tall
Jeans – Topshop Tall
Leopard slipper boots – George at ASDA
Whitby Jet cross – gifted
Black and silver scarf – Mint Velvet (gifted)
Silver bling ring – River Island
Blue bead bracelet – gifted
Blue and silver snowflake earrings – Etsy

Total Est. Cost £59

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Outfit: Snowy Saturday






Asda leopard slipper boots

Merrell Waterproof

The snow finally arrived and, despite what I said yesterday, a dress turned out to be just the thing to wear in such conditions. This dress is the warmest thing I own, so it was only right to put it on with cosy ribbed leggings and my new slipper boots. I wore my Merrell snow boots when I went out, but as they were a bit dirty for photographing on the new carpet, you get to see my fab slippers instead.

This is what my street looked like this morning:

Snowy street

I have had a very domestic day today. I walked up to the local retail park this morning to finish my Christmas shopping and I have all but two presents now. I made some leek and potato soup for dinner. Having learned from last time, I moved the curtain to the other end of the rail and held the lid on the blender extra tightly.

This afternoon I wrote all of my Christmas cards and wrapped all the presents I have bought so far.

The young man is out for the evening so I am making some winter vegetable soup for tomorrow or later in the week. I’ve managed to do three loads of washing in and amongst too!

Grey sweater dress – Tall Girls
Purple top – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Black rib leggings – Long Tall Sally
Leopard print slipper boots – George at ASDA
Walking/snow boots – Merrell (Fitness Footwear) (gifted)
Silver necklace – gifted
Silver snowflake earrings – Funky Junk Jewellery
Black patent belt – Primark

Total Est. Cost £84

Friday, November 26, 2010

Outfit: Sunny Friday







NL black faux leather OTK

Yes it’s sunny up here today. The snow that was promised has yet to put in an appearance which is a little disappointing. It’s cold though – the temperature is forecast not to rise above 3°C in the next five days.

Yesterday my sister and I went to Meadowhall to do our Christmas shopping. I got all but 3 gifts, all of which would have been heavy to carry around and all of which are available locally anyway. I feel quite organised now, but will feel even better when I’ve bought cards and wrap and done some gift wrapping tomorrow. We had a lovely day out and it wasn’t too busy – it pays to go early folks! The Christmas decorations and windows were in full effect, which made the whole experience more enjoyable and we caught sight of exactly what Santa wears under his suit, courtesy of the window at Ted Baker:

Ted Baker Santa

Black shrug – Long Tall Sally
Plaid shirt – Primark
Blue tank – Topshop
Jeans – South at Very.co.uk (gifted)
Black OTK boots – New Look
Blue bead bracelet – gifted
Whitby Jet Cross – gifted
Silver and blue bead snowflake earrings – Etsy

Total Est. Cost £74


Calling all ladies! The lovely Tat of Rate My Outfit has challenged us all to take part in Dressember. That link will take you to the Facebook page where you can ‘Like’ it to receive updates and take part. The idea is that you wear a dress each day (or as often as you can) in December. If you have a blog you can post your pictures there, or you can upload them to the Facebook group.

I fully intend to take part although I might be doing weekdays only, and should it snow, the whole thing may well go out of the window!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shoegal Flashback


I'm off doing my Christmas shopping today, so here's a peek back at what I was wearing this time last year.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers and I'll see you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Outfit: Cosy Feet






Deichmann Graceland wedge boot

I definitely made the right footwear decision. This morning dawned cold and frosty and I had to scrape my car windscreen. These boots are just as warm as my EMUs, but far more stylish. They will definitely be getting plenty of wear over the winter! However, if the snow arrives that has been promised, it will be EMUs and snow boots all the way to avoid falling on my ass.

I need to take this skirt in again; it’s still not tight enough on the waist. I don’t know whether my waist has shrunk, or whether I just didn’t take it in enough in the first place (I suspect the latter). Either way, it’s too loose.

Brown sweater – Long Tall Sally
Black skirt – Long Tall Sally (eBay)
Black tights – M&Co
Beige boots – Deichmann Shoes (gifted)
Faux pearls – charity shop
Cream bead bracelet (worn as ring) – Diamonds & Pearls
Silver snowflake earrings – Funky Junk Jewellery

Total Est. Cost £57

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Outfit: Ruby Shoesday








Lotus Red Patent MJs

I’m actually wearing red shoes on the right day this week. I thought these new patent ones deserved another outing so I teamed them with my stripy dress. River Island call this a maxi dress. Erm, yes, OK. I was in two minds as to whether I should put a polo neck under it or just go with a cardi over the top, but I’m glad I went the sweater route. When I stepped outside this morning it was freezing! There is snow forecast for the end of the week – fingers crossed it arrives!

Tonight I have a jewellery party fundraiser to attend at church, tomorrow is drama group and Thursday I have a day off for Christmas shopping with my sister. It’s shaping up to be a busy week!

Black and white stripe dress – River Island
Black polo neck – New Look Tall
Black tights – Matalan
Red shoes – Lotus at Kaleidoscope (gifted)
Red beads – eBay
Silver snowflake earrings – Funky Junk Jewellery

Total Est. Cost £46