Thursday, June 30, 2011

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge #62 and Another Tights Review







I am taking advantage of the cooler temperatures and rain today to test out another pair of tights. These were kindly sent to be by Legs-11 Hosiery and they are the Jonathan Aston 40D Opaque tights in Burgundy (though they look more like purple to me). Legs-11 stock a wide range of tights and stockings, and also sell knickers, suspender belts and corsets. UK delivery is free, although I couldn’t find any mention of this until the checkout stage, and there is currently 10% off all Cette products when you enter the code Legs10 at the checkout.


I’ve had this dress about 5 years but this is the first time I’ve worn it this year and I’m not really sure why. I love the print, but also that it’s black and cream so it’s not too loud. And it lends itself really well to coloured tights. Back in my Shiny Fashion Forum days we used to joke on there that it was by DVP – Dorothy ‘von’ Perkins.


These shoes were bought in Matalan about 4 years ago. I saw them on Shoewawa and loved them as they were totally different to any others I had at the time. I’ve always loved lace up heels, ever since I spent most of the sixth form in a pair of lace ups with a hugely chunky heel.

Black and cream wrap dress – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Black tank – Cherokee at Tesco
Burgundy (purple) tights – Jonathan Aston (c/o Legs-11)
Black patent shoes – Matalan
Black Obi belt – ASOS
Whitby Jet cross – Handmade and gifted
Silver hoops – gifted
Silver bangles – Dorothy Perkins and Scope

Total Est. Cost £64

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Outfit: Wednesday






Matalan teal

Last night we had a barbeque for tea, despite the weather not being quite up to par. It was still fairly warm, but it wasn’t very sunny and it was quite windy. We moved inside once we’d eaten.



There was a large departmental meeting to attend in a hotel this morning. I added the shrug to my ensemble as air conditioning is always an unknown quantity and when you are as nesh as I am, chances are you will be cold.


I love this dress. It was only about £20 in ASDA but I’ve had it for about 5 years and it washes and irons well. I love the full skirt and wish I had a net petticoat to put underneath it.

Black dress – George at ASDA
Teal shrug – Long Tall Sally
Teal belt – Claire’s
Teal wedges – Matalan
Teal heart necklace – Scope
Teal and silver bangles – Accessorize
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £47

Review: Pamela Mann Tights from Tights Please

When I was contacted by Tights Please and offered a product review, I gladly accepted as I do love my tights. As it is summer I opted for some footless tights, and the lovely people at Tights Please were kind enough to send me some Pamela Mann footless styles. The pair I am wearing above are the 3D footless style and as you can see, they are just the right thickness for slightly chillier summer days. They are super stretchy so although they are 'One Size' even if you all tall like me they will definitely fit you.

Tights Please stock a huge range of tights, stockings, leggings and socks, so whatever you are looking for in the hosiery line, take a look at the website as you are sure to find it. And right now there is free shipping on all bridal styles when you enter Bridal1 at the checkout.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Outfit: Turquoise and Teal






NL Turquoise

I was hoping I could save another pair of shoes today, but it turns out that this pair is already safe. It is cooler today than it was yesterday though it’s still forecast to be warm. I love this teal shrug – it’s made of cotton and is lovely and cool because of the wide sleeves.



We did boxing in my gym class last night. It was a great workout, but also kind of gross as the gloves and pads are made of synthetic leather and made your hands really sweaty and smelly. Everyone piled into the changing rooms to wash after the class, but my hands still felt a bit icky all evening.

Teal shrug – Long Tall Sally
Turquoise cami – Long Tall Sally
Brown crop chinos – New Look Tall
Turquoise shoes – New Look (charity shop)
Turquoise bangle – Dorothy Perkins
Silver cross necklace – gifted
Silver hoops – gifted
Tan leather belt – River Island

Total Est. Cost £58

Stuff I’m...


The hot weather
Untoasted bagels – they’re just so deliciously chewy
Books about New York
Gossip Girl Season 3
Scholl blister plasters

...Not Loving

Being too warm in the office
That I need to review some tights and it’s far too hot right now

Monday, June 27, 2011

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge #61 and a Scorcher of a Day






Hush Puppies Ursa

It is boiling today. I went for a light cotton strappy dress and short sleeve cotton shrug and added a belt to nip in the waist a bit. I have just turned up the air conditioning (and I requested it went on in the first place – not like me at all) and I’m still warm.


Now that I’ve quit the 30x30 I can get on with the important business of saving my shoes. These sandals are new – courtesy of the lovely people at Spartoo. They are by Hush Puppies and are super comfy. The soles are all squishy, like walking around on foam all day. They remind me of a pair of sandals I had when I was about 8 or 9. That pair was by K’s Shoes, also red, and had super cushioned soles. They had a small heel (very exciting when you’re at middle school) and I can remember wearing them all the time as they were so comfy.


As long as the young man doesn’t change his mind about not wanting a barbeque tonight, I will be going to my gym class as usual.

Black dress – c/o Joe Browns
Black shrug – New Look
Red sandals – Hush Puppies (c/o Spartoo)
Red belt – Next
Red bangles – Primark
Red beads – eBay

Total Est. Cost £18

Weekend Recap and I Quit


I quit the 30x30 on Saturday. What did you do? I got bored and with 2 days of blazing sunshine forecast I couldn’t bear to restrict myself to just one pair of summer shoes when these might be the only hot days we get this summer (if the rest of June was anything to go by). What can I say? In the words of Kirsty MacColl, I’m an Autumn Girl and I loved doing the 30x30 in the winter time. I’ll definitely join in the next one.

Friday night the young man was out with a mate, so I did the Tesco shopping and watched lots of Gossip Girl.


Hush Puppies Odette

On Saturday I spent the morning doing chores, then we went to look at some blinds for the conservatory. It was a pretty quiet day all in all, until about 4pm when I realised I was on Sunday school duty on Sunday morning and had to plan my lesson. Fortunately I had everything I needed so any last minute shopping trips were not needed. It was warm on Saturday but cooled off late afternoon.

Grey check shirt – New Look Tall
Red cami – New Look
Jeans – Next (charity shop)
Red flats – Hush Puppies (c/o Spartoo)
Red beads – eBay
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £32



NL Pewter jewel sandals

Sunday I got up and went to church. I knew it was going to be hot out and it was. I had a hard time choosing a dress to wear as most of my summer dresses are either strappy or sleeveless, and I feel like my shoulders should be covered in church. I took these pictures when I got home at dinner time, and almost immediately afterwards changed into shorts and a tank top, and liberally applied the sunscreen.


I spent the afternoon in the garden, apart from a brief cycle up to M&S Food for some burgers for tea. I read my book, played games on my phone and generally chilled out in the sunshine. We had a barbeque for tea and then watched some episodes of Friends.

Purple dress – Dorothy Perkins (eBay)
Pewter jewelled sandals – New Look
Silver glitter belt – local boutique
Whitby Jet cross – gifted

Total Est. Cost £20

Friday, June 24, 2011

Outfit: 30x30 Day 12, Outfit 12






Next Tan Wedges

The forecast for today was vague so I tried to look a bit summery with the crop jeans and wedges, but went for a long sleeve t and scarf to combat the morning chill. It’s not to be that warm today and it might rain, so fingers crossed I’m dress OK.



Last night was quiet, as predicted. I caught up on Neighbours, watched some episodes of Friends and we had a fairly early night.



I’m so pleased it’s Friday. We have no plans for the weekend as yet, although I know I need a trip to Boots to stock up on exciting things like shampoo and shave gel.

White and navy stripe top – H&M
Jeans – South (c/o
Tan wedges – Next
Turquoise scarf – H&M
Silver cross necklace – gifted
Silver bling ring – River Island
Silver hoops – gifted
Turquoise bangle – Dorothy Perkins

Total Est. Cost £59