Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This Week I Will Be Mostly...

...wearing tights
...reading Look magazine
...watching Bucks Fizz videos on You Tube
...listening to Bucks Fizz
...eating English muffins
...shopping for drinks for our friends coming over at the weekend

Outfit: Ruby Shoesday






NOW Discount Red

Back to work today and it was really cold out this morning. As it’s been so cold over the weekend I have decided that it’s officially autumn and that means boots, tights, and polo necks! Yay!

It was all go at my office this morning. We’ve had a break in over the weekend so I arrived to find the door boarded up and glass all over the floor in the lobby. A police officer had been and dusted for fingerprints and someone has been to measure up for new glass in the door and cleaned up the broken glass. Thankfully nothing much was taken, just a few laptops from the downstairs office – the security company had spotted the thieves on CCTV before they even broke in and had called the police. It all seems to be sorted now, bar the door being fixed.

We are out for tea at the young man’s parents’ tonight which is always a welcome treat. I am swimming before that and have put a pair of jeans in my bag so I don’t have to struggle with my tights afterwards.

Grey waistcoat – Long Tall Sally (eBay)
White/black stripe shirt – Next
Grey skirt – Next Tall
Grey tights – Ethel Austin
Red shoes – NOW Discount shoes (gifted)
Red belt – mall market stall
Silver hoops – Claire’s
Silver bling ring – River Island
Silver bangle – gifted
Red beads – eBay

Total Est. Cost £57

Outfit: Bank Holiday Recap





Barratt Tan

On Sunday (the outfit you see here) we went down to the Rother Valley Country Park. We walked around the lake and had a drink outside, watching the people on the aerial jet skis. Considering it was still August, it was FREEZING! When the sun came out though it wasn’t too cold and we had a lovely walk.

Monday was also really cold, but we headed off to Clumber Park near Worksop to ride our bikes. The park is massive but mostly flat so it is ideal for cycling. We racked up over 13 miles, had a picnic lunch, a cup of tea and an ice cream. We also had a go on a Segway which was excellent fun and next time we’ll do a tour of the park on one (we couldn’t join the tour yesterday as there weren’t enough Segways with enough charge left). No pictures from yesterday but I was in jeans, black Betty Boop t, black cardi, Merrell walking shoes and grey fleece hoodie. I saw some kids with gloves on which seemed sensible given that yesterday had a biting wind too.

Blue jacket – H&M
Blue top – Dunnes Stores
Blue and white stripe tank – River Island
Jeans – South (Very.co.uk) (gifted)
Tan boots – Barratts
Silver earrings – gifted
Silver cross necklace – gifted

Total Est. Cost £85

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Outfit: Saturday






I spent the morning doing chores and a little customisation project. It was sunny today but the wind was really chilly. This afternoon we went for a bike ride to a local pub and sat outside. I was glad I’d put my fleecy hoodie on as it was quite cold sat out. We cycled back through the wood.

Hoss Shoes

The customisation project was to stick some jewels on to some shoes. The shoes started out with yellow, white and teal balls sewn on them, which I removed some time ago. I added leopard print bow shoe clips but still wasn’t happy with the shoes and they are yet to be worn. So I went to the haberdashery yesterday and bought some fabric glue and jewelled stones to stick on. This picture was taken last night to remind myself of the layout I liked, but the finished article doesn’t really look any different to this.

Teal top – H&M
Jeans – South (Very.co.uk) (gifted)
Purple flats – gifted
Lilac pashmina – Diamonds & Pearls
Teal and silver bangles – Accessorize
Purple bangles – Diamonds & Pearls
Teal heart necklace – Scope
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £29

Friday, August 27, 2010

Outfit: A Grey Day






Matalan Tweed

It’s actually not that grey today. It’s sunny if a little chilly. I think I was feeling a bit grey last night when I planned this though. I had to put the light on at 7.45pm, a sure sign that the nights are drawing in. Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn – the clothes, the way the light changes, the colours in the trees. But I hate the dark nights, and I hate that I know I will be cold pretty much all the time from now until at least mid-April.

I needed a pop of colour so I added the turquoise pashmina and turquoise eye make up to pep up the grey a little.

It’s Friday and this is a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK so yay for a 3 day weekend and a short week next week!

Grey cardi – New Look Tall
Grey tank – River Island
Jeans – Topshop Tall
Tweed shoes – Matalan
Snakeskin belt – local boutique
Silver and diamante necklace – gifted
Silver earrings – Dorothy Perkins
Turquoise pashmina – eBay
Turquoise and blue bangles – Oxfam
Cream bead bracelets – Diamonds & Pearls
Silver thumb ring – Claire’s

Total Est. Cost £69

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gap Online Now In The UK

Gap have launched their UK e-commerce site today - www.gap.eu
However, as they are not carrying any of the Tall lines (as I suspected they wouldn't) I have emailed the US customer services to find out when UK shipping will be offered from there (it just says Coming Soon at present).  I'll update you as soon as I hear back.

Outfit: New Dress







Vivienne Westwood-Melissa Lady Dragon Grey

I picked up this dress in River Island on Monday (I’d gone in for socks really) and I absolutely love it! There are lots of extra photos on the Facebook page today. I spied it on a rack at the front of the store and decided to try it on as the sleeves looked really long. And well, they are really long. River Island have this listed as a maxi dress online: yeah, not so much. (Mind you, it’s only mid-calf on the model on their site so perhaps the definition of ‘maxi’ has changed this season?) I am pretty impressed with River Island at the moment – they are still carrying their super long tank tops and there is a stripy sweater with really long sleeve that I want but I need to try it in a size bigger than my local store had (it looks a bit strange if it’s stretched out too much over the bust because of the ribbing) so I’ll have to look for it when I’m near another River Island next month.

I had my blue boots on when I tried on this dress, and it looked fab with them so expect to see it a LOT over the next few weeks. It will go with everything as it’s black and white.

Last night we ended up going for a short cycle ride to see whether the young man’s parents were in (they weren’t), through the wood and the long way back home. It looked like rain but it held off for us. Tonight is the Tesco shop. It looks like rain again today (although there’s none forecast) so these plastic shoes will be just the job if it is wet later on.

Black and white stripe dress – River Island
Black tights – Silkies
Grey and blue Lady Dragon Heart shoes – Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa
Blue scarf – Dorothy Perkins
Whitby Jet cross – gifted
Silver bling ring – River Island
Blue bead bracelet – gifted
Silver bangle – gifted
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £73

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Outfit: Jeans and a Jacket





Matalan cream black quilt MJs

Adding a blazer to a pair of jeans is a great way to smarten up the jeans for the office. It’s also a good way to ward off the increasing chill in the air. I added my turquoise pashmina over this when I left the house for extra warmth too.

I have a new dress to debut but I am swimming again tonight and tights are not really the most practical thing to try to put back on after swimming. The dress will have to wait until tomorrow.

I am still loving these jeans – they fit perfectly and are a great length for both flats and heels.

Grey jacket – Long Tall Sally (eBay)
Black and oatmeal stripe top – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Jeans – South (Very.co.uk) (gifted)
Black and cream shoes – Matalan
Silver bangles – Scope
Giant faux pearls – local boutique
Cream bead bracelets (and one worn as a ring) – Diamonds and Pearls
Silver hoops – Claire’s

Total Est. Cost £69

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Outfit: Ruby Shoesday Remembered



Matalan red flats

So yes, I totally forgot about Ruby Shoesday until about 2pm today. But that means you get an extra post, a casual Ruby Shoesday outfit. After I have been swimming my hair dries wavy, but not fluffy wavy like it would if I had washed it. It must be the chlorine or something.

I am home alone tonight so I have done a pedicure and am waiting on my friend calling me. I am also hoping it doesn’t rain again as I have my towels on the line that I need again tomorrow.

Red cardi – Long Tall Sally (eBay)
Blue ruffle top – Paul and Joe Sister (free with magazine)
Jeans – South (Very.co.uk) (gifted)
Red flats – Matalan
Red belt – Dorothy Perkins
Jewellery as earlier today

Total Est. Cost £37

H&M to Launch Online Shopping Next Month

The wait is almost over! H&M have finally come to their senses and will launch an e-commerce site in the UK on 16th September. If you want to receive an invitation to view previews of the new site, you can sign up to the newsletter now at H&M.com.

Outfit: More Black and Blue








Knee high socks are going to be everywhere this autumn and they are a great way to ease into autumnal dressing without getting too hot, should the afternoons warm up. Today looks more like November than late August here in the Frozen North. It is dark, raining and very windy. However, socks are more practical than tights for swimming so I definitely made the right choice. The lace trim on this pair reminds me of some little white ankle socks that I had when I was about 5. They had a lace trim and a bow I think, and they had been sent over from Hong Kong by a friend of my mom.

Don't forget you can see extra photos on my Facebook page!

Black and blue dress – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Black shrug - New Look
Blue ruffle top – Paul and Joe Sister (free with magazine)
Black socks – River Island
Black patent shoes – Matalan
Silver bling ring – River Island
Blue bangle – Diamonds & Pearls
Blue bead bracelet – gifted
Whitby Jet cross – gifted
Silver hoops – Claire’s

Total Est. Cost £71

Monday, August 23, 2010

This Week I Will Be Mostly...

...wearing transitional pieces
...reading I Heart Hollywood by Lindsey Kelk
...watching Season 10 of Friends on DVD
...listening to Radio 2
...eating chocolate chip cookies
...shopping for nothing

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge #69 and an Introduction to Transitional Dressing








Blue OTK

With temperatures forecast to be around 16°C or 17°C for most of this week, it is time to start wearing some transitional looks that will be warm enough in the chill of the morning, but layered in case it warms up later. A short sleeve dress with boots and tights is perfect for this. Add a cardi and a scarf and you are cosy enough in the morning air too.

Well I’m motoring through the Shoeper Challenge right now, but these boots are also a recent addition. I paired them with all black to show them off to their fullest advantage.

Black dress – George at ASDA
Black cardi – New Look Tall
Black tank – New Look Tall
Black tights – Silkies
Blue boots – eBay
Black patent belt – Primark
Blue bangle – Diamonds & Pearls
Blue bead bracelet – gifted
White gold cross necklace – gifted
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £77