Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Outfit: Grey & Turquoise

Whenever I know I am not able to wear certain things I suddenly get the urge to wear it. This week for example, I need to wear jeans for the practical work involved in my course. But now I am dying to wear dresses and knee high boots, specifically, my new pair. I have had Friday’s outfit planned in my head since last Friday!
I can’t even dress up tonight as I just have a quiet night in. I am going to make some flapjack, do some washing and phone a friend.

Grey sweater dress – Oasis
Turquoise cami – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Jeans – Dorothy Perkins (charity shop)
Silver shoes – Faith
Turquoise belt – H&M
Turquoise necklace – Dorothy Perkins

Monday, September 29, 2008

Outfit: Choir Practice

Just a variation on today’s outfit to make it a little warmer for choir in a cold church. I added boots as it was raining.

Black sweater – New Look Tall (charity shop)
White long sleeve t – Tall Girls
Jeans – Zara
Red boots – Nine West (Century 21)
Red belt – Next
Red beads – eBay

Total Est. Cost £49

Outfit: First Aid Monday

I am on a four day first aid course this week so it’s going to be jeans and flat shoes all the way. I’ll have to make up for it in the evenings! Some of the other girls on the course were admiring my red handbag today and said I was very co-ordinated with all my red.

Grey sweater – Ethel Austin
White long sleeve t – Tall Girls
Jeans – Gap
Red flats – Dorothy Perkins
Red belt – Next
Red beads – eBay
Total Est. Cost £39

Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Week I Will Be Mostly…

…wearing something suitable for practical work on a first aid course
…reading ‘The Love of Her Life’ by Harriet Evans
…watching Sex & The City: The Movie if my DVD ever arrives from Amazon
…listening to Radio 2
…eating custard
…shopping on ASOS.com

Outfit: Lazy Sunday

Got up late and did the Tesco shopping, then sat in the sun for a while and did some washing. Just a quiet day chilling out at home really.

Black & white ‘shoe slave’ top – Marks & Spencer (black sleeves & band added by me)
Jeans – Dorothy Perkins (charity shop)
Beige shoes – Evans

Total Est. Cost £29

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Outfit: Saturday in Town

We headed into the city today to meet friends for lunch and generally sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. It was lovely weather and we ended up outside a Wetherspoon’s pub for drinks and lunch. I walked down into the main shopping area with my friend but didn’t buy anything.

Brown shrug – Ann Taylor Loft (charity shop)
White long sleeve t – Tall Girls
Jeans – Gap
Brown cowboy boots – New Look

Total Est. Cost £85

Friday, September 26, 2008

Lunchtime Shopping

On a whim I popped into Priceless Shoes at dinnertime and ended up with some new boots! I knew I would kick myself if I didn’t get them because you can guarantee that if I went back next week they would be completely out of my size. The boots are black, faux suede and come right over my knees. I can’t wait to wear them!

Outfit: Change of A-Dress

It’s amazing how a simple alteration can give a whole new lease of life to an article of clothing. Yesterday afternoon I picked up two dresses from the alterations lady in the village that I had taken to be shortened. This is one of them. It used to fall below the knee and something was preventing me from wearing it, probably the awkward length – it just didn’t really look right with anything. It only cost me 99p from a charity shop in the first place but I love it because the sleeves are lovely and long. So I decided to get it shortened so it would work over jeans and on it’s own with tights or leggings. And I am pleased to report that I am delighted with the results. It’s like I have a whole new dress and I intend to get plenty of wear out of it now.

Green/teal dress – Florence + Fred at Tesco (charity shop)
Black leggings – Long Tall Sally
Burgundy cami – Topshop
Green suede boots – River Island
Teal necklace – Scope

Total Est. Cost £37.50

Outfit: Church Choir Practice

I have been co-opted into joining the choir at my new church and last night we had a practice. As my yellow dress had bits of hair on it, it was relegated to the laundry basket. I put on a grey sweater dress, only to discover that there are two small holes in the arm seam that need to be repaired. So I changed again into the outfit you see here.

Grey polo neck sweater – Long Tall Sally
Skinny jeans – Topshop Tall
Black boots – New Look (eBay)
Green necklace – Primark

Total Est. Cost £42

New Hair!

I went for my hair cutting yesterday afternoon and I am pleased to report that I on my first try, I have found a new salon I am happy with. The ladies that work there are very friendly and the stylist was excellent. I will definitely be returning. Here’s a shot of my new hair.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Outfit: Trilby

This hat arrived from Long Tall Sally yesterday and I think it’s just fabulous! I can’t wait for some cold weather so I can wear it outside properly. In the meantime I had to give it at least one outing.

Yellow dress/tunic – Primark (charity shop)
White tank (underneath) – Topshop
Skinny jeans – Topshop Tall
Black boots – New Look (eBay)
Black belt - ASOS
Black heart necklace – Scope
Black trilby – Long Tall Sally

Total Est. Cost £49.50

Outfit: Half Price Pizza!

I had a voucher for 50% off at Pizza Hut so last night a group of us headed up there to eat. We went for a drink afterwards too and it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Black shirt – Lee Jeans (Luxuriously Tall)
Purple tank top – Long Tall Sally
Black cord trousers – Topshop Tall
Black shoes – Dolcis
Purple necklace – Scope

Total Est. Cost £91

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Outfit: Navy Blue

My other new footwear of the week. This outfit reminds me of being in the 6th form at school. We had to wear navy skirts, blazers and sweaters, with a white blouse. Most of the girls wore black tights and shoes but even back then I liked to co-ordinate and so I teamed my uniform with navy tights and shoes. My English teacher once told me how much better it looked than black. She was right. Some nights after school I would just switch my skirt for a pair of jeans rather than completely changing out of uniform. And some nights I would just switch my sweater and leave on my school skirt. Being at boarding school meant you didn’t have to go outside if you didn’t want to – no waiting at a cold bus stop for instance – as the library where we did prep (homework) in the evening was on the floor below the girls’ dorms, and the dining hall where we had tea & supper was below that.
I was going to get rid of this sweater but I’m glad I didn’t as the sleeve length is great (I have the sleeves pulled up slightly today to show some white cuff).

Navy rib sweater – Gap
White shirt – Long Tall Sally
Jeans – Gap
Navy shoes – New Look (charity shop)

Total Est. Cost £100

Update to Tuesday

I wasn’t entirely happy with yesterday’s outfit so I ended up tucking in my top and knotting the beads. What do you think – better?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Outfit: New Boots!

You know me – buy something new and I’m dying to wear it! Hence this outfit grew around the boots. With boots like these you have to let them do the talking and keep the rest of the outfit simple.
I don’t think I’ve worn the beads yet either, but they were free (BOGOF) and I knew they’d come in useful at some point.

Grey polo neck sweater – Long Tall Sally
Grey wool skirt – Gap
Grey tights – Ethel Austin
Red boots – Goszip (charity shop)
Red beads – Ethel Austin

Total Est. Cost £69

Outfit: Choir Practice

It may only be September but we started singing Christmas carols last night at choir. Too much John Rutter already for my liking.
Anyway, I wore my newly thrifted jeans. They are intended as a substitute sometimes for my beloved Gap pair that I wear all the time and which is falling apart.

Brown polo neck sweater – Long Tall Sally
Jeans – Dorothy Perkins (charity shop)
Brown cowboy boots – New Look

Total Est. Cost £64.25

Monday Afternoon Thrifting

I only stopped off in the next town over to go to the bank (there isn’t a branch of my bank in my town) and I came home with a pair of boots, a pair of shoes, a pair of jeans and 3 necklaces. All for under £20 though so not too bad. Both the boots and shoes still had the pattern visible on the soles meaning they have not been worn very much. The boots have a label saying Goszip in them and were £5.99. The shoes are New Look and were £4.99. The shoes remind me of my one time favourite pale blue Moda in Pelle shoes which I have worn literally to death. I won’t throw them out though as they were the shoes I wore on my first date with the young man.
No pictures of the necklaces yet, but here’s the shoes and the boots. The jeans appear in the outfit shot above.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I am getting my hair cut on Thursday. I will be putting myself in the hands of a new stylist as my old one is all the way over the other side of the city and now that I am no longer doing youth club, I do not visit my hometown on a Friday which is when I used to get my hair cut. So I had a wander around my village and chose from one of the many salons on offer there.
I am a little bored with my current style, however, I don’t want to go to short. So does anyone have any ideas as to how I can change things up a little? Any suggestions or links to pictures will be gratefully received.

This Week I Will Be Mostly…

…wearing something weatherproof – looks like Autumn is back after the weekend’s respite
…reading ‘Goodnight Beautiful’ by Dorothy Koomson
…watching Sex & The City: The Movie when my DVD arrives from Amazon
…listening to Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
…eating crumpets
…shopping for hats

Outfit: Rainy Monday

It’s my own fault. I should have known better than to wash my car yesterday. It was almost guaranteed to rain today wasn’t it? As it wasn’t raining when I set out this morning I have on faux suede shoes. Possibly not the best choice now it’s raining.

Purple top – Mitch & Co (charity shop)
White cami – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Jeans – Zara
Teal faux suede wedges – Matalan

Total Est. Cost £27.50

Outfit: Sunday

I went to church yesterday morning and was helping with the Sunday school for the first time since I moved churches. On the way home I stopped off at Tesco to do the weekly shop.
I got changed in the afternoon to wash cars and then sat in the sunshine (again, I know, it’s a miracle) reading magazines. No photo from the afternoon as it was just cropped jeans, a t shirt and flip flops.

Grey sweater – Ethel Austin
White cami – Topshop
Skinny jeans – Topshop Tall
Grey shoes – Next (charity shop)
Silver belt – Primark

Total Est. Cost £24.25

Outfit: Saturday Night

No updates yesterday as Blogger wasn’t working.
We got a call from the same friends we were out with Friday night, plus one other, and ended up going to the pub again on Saturday night. Flat shoes were a necessity as I knew we'd be walking home. It was chilly but a lovely autumn night.

Brown shrug – Ann Taylor Loft (charity shop)
Blue cami – New Look Tall
Jeans – Gap
Silver shoes – Faith
Brown & silver bangles – Dorothy Perkins
Brown necklace – Scope

Total Est. Cost £47

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Outfit: Saturday

At the end of last night we agreed to meet the same friends for breakfast and so this morning we headed off to a local café for bacon & sausage sarnies. The friends then went home to start packing as they move out of their house on Friday, and the young man and I came home to do chores. I cleaned the bathroom and did 3 loads of washing as it was lovely weather. I helped the young man with some gardening and then painted my nails outside whilst he sprayed the fence with wood protector.

Black ‘shopaholic’ t – George at ASDA
Black tank (underneath for length) – Cherokee at Tesco
Jeans – Gap
Black flats – Priceless Shoes

Total Est. Cost £58

Outfit: Friday Evening

I was planning a quiet evening in last night but then a friend of the young man’s phoned. He and his girlfriend are emigrating to Australia shortly so we ended up going to meet them for drinks at the local pub.

Brown shrug – Ann Taylor Loft (charity shop)
Blue top – Primark
Jeans – Gap
Brown cowboy boots – New Look
Blue beads – Scope

Total Est. Cost £79

Friday Afternoon Thrifting

I was in the village yesterday afternoon, picking up a loaf of bread and booking a hair appointment, and I wandered into one of the two charity shops because it was there. I’m glad I did as I found a brand new pair of shoes, size 9 from Next, for £3.50, and a leather Jane Shilton handbag for £2.50.

Note To Self…

…if you are going to rub your eyes during the day then always carry your eyeliner with you to fix and smudges and rub offs.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Outfit: Friday

I was pretty tired when I got in last night so not much effort went into planning this outfit. I decided to just keep the accessories from last night rather than coming up with something new.

Grey sweater – Ethel Austin
White long sleeve t – Tall Girls
Jeans – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Red shoes – Next
Red belt – Next
Red beads – eBay
Red glitter bangles – Primark

Total Est. Cost £59

Outfit: Ten-Pin Bowling

We went bowling last night with a group from my old church. There were only 7 of us but it was a fun night nonetheless.

Grey t – Topshop Tall
Jeans – Gap
Red boots – Nine West
Red belt – Next
Red beads – eBay
Red glitter bangles – Primark

Total Est. Cost £104