Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Wardrobes

Here are the results of our hard work this weekend! They are the PAX/KOMPLEMENT range from Ikea. They are really well designed – everything went together easily and all the internal fittings work well together.





I particularly love the shoe shelves.


And the little compartments for jewellery.


Outfit: Sunday






Barratt Tan

No outfit post for yesterday as I was busy finishing off the wardrobes in the spare room and wore scruffy jeans and a hoodie all day. I only ventured out to take a bunch of stuff to the charity shop. The wardrobes are now complete – pictures coming up in the next post! Today I went to Ikea to get another shelf and wire basket drawer, and then put the finishing touches to the room and helped the young man to move all the old furniture out of there. I took some of the old stuff to the tip too.

If I look slightly strange in these pictures, it’s because the young man was standing in the conservatory (behind the camera) making faces and generally making me laugh. He’s been fab this weekend helping me to do everything in the spare room and trimming down one of the wardrobes so it will fit behind the door.

Blue cardi – Dorothy Perkins
Blue t – Topshop Tall (eBay)
Blue tank – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Jeans – Next (charity shop)
Tan boots – Barratts
Diamante hair clip – Babyliss (Boots)
Necklace – gifted

Total Est. Cost £79

Friday, February 26, 2010

Outfit: Wet & Rainy







Barratt Tan

I really, really wanted to pretend it was spring today so I dragged out this dress which hasn’t seen the light of day since last summer. However, as the rain had set in last night and it wasn’t going to be very warm, I layered up with boots, shrug and scarf.

The young man is out this evening and I have big plans which include pizza, tea and Gossip Girl.

Black shrug – Long Tall Sally
Grey dress – Primark (eBay)
White tank – Topshop
Jeans – Next (charity shop)
Tan boots – Barratts
Turquoise scarf – eBay
Whitby Jet cross – gifted

Total Est. Cost £78

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shoegal Ranked 10th in Wikio UK Fashion Rankings

My blog has been ranked at number 10 in the Wikio UK Fashion Rankings! You can check out the full list here.

I am not entirely sure how I come to be above big players such as The Fashion Police, but it is definitely an honour and a nice email to find in my inbox this morning.

Outfit: Busy Thursday






Today is going to be hectic. I have work, a hair appointment, then I have to run home to make tea. This evening is choir practice at church and then I need to do the Tesco shopping after that! I will definitely be ready to sleep once I’m done!

Grey sweater – Long Tall Sally
Grey waistcoat – Long Tall Sally (eBay)
Jeans – River Island
Red shoes – Next
Scarf – charity shop

Total Est. Cost £108

Outfit: I’m In The Mood For Dancing




Barratt Tan

Dance Shoes

Last night was the first dance practice for the show with the drama group. We had a ball and there was much giggling! I wore my boots to travel in and changed into my dance shoes when I arrived.

Black cardi – New Look Tall
White ‘Tall’ t – CafĂ© Press
Jeans – Topshop Tall
Turquoise leather belt – H&M
Tan boots – Barratts
Leopard print scarf – Diamonds & Pearls

Total Est. Cost £94

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Outfit: Disappointment





Priceless Purple tall

I was really hoping for a snow day today. The forecast promised heavy snow all of last night. In the end it didn’t snow as much as they thought, and it was all rather wet so was turning to slush by dawn.

I wanted something comfy & cosy to wear in case I was disappointed and had to go into work, so I laid out this dress and my oversize cardi to wrap myself up. Flat boots are good in wet snow and the cosy scarf completes the look.

Grey cardi – New Look Tall
Purple dress – Dorothy Perkins (eBay)
Grey tank – Cherokee at Tesco
Harlequin print leggings – Uniqlo
Purple boots – Priceless Shoes
Lilac scarf – Diamonds & Pearls
Purple necklace – Scope
Purple belt – Ethel Austin

Total Est. Cost £50

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Outfit: Stripes and Plaid






Barratts Patent

There is some subtle pattern mixing going on here – if you look closely you will see that my tights are plaid. The snow has cleared sufficiently that heels were an option so I took full advantage. I am not yet tired of remixing this dress.

Black & cream cardi – Topshop Tall (eBay)
Grey dress – Long Tall Sally
Black polo neck – Long Tall Sally
Plaid tights – Pamela Mann (Tightsplease)
Black patent boots – Barratts
Black patent belt – Primark
Blue beads – Ethel Austin

Total Est. Cost £105

Monday, February 22, 2010

Outfit: White Monday




Red flat

The snow is still on the ground but the sun is out so perhaps some of it will melt by lunchtime. I hope so, because I have errands to run and my boots are not the best in the snow.

Red cardi – Long Tall Sally (eBay)
White top – Tall Girls
Grey wool trousers – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Red boots – Shoe Express (eBay)
Turquoise scarf – eBay

Total Est. Cost £54

Outfit: Weekend Recap




Barratt Tan

On Saturday we headed down to visit some friends in Lincolnshire. It was lovely and sunny and I was able to get some pictures outside before we set off. We went for a walk in the afternoon with the children (age 5 and 2½) on their scooters.

Grey stripe top – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Black cardi – New Look Tall
Jeans – Topshop Tall
Tan boots – Barratts
Cream scarf – gifted
Silver earrings – gifted

Total Est. Cost £79


NL Silver

In the evening the children went to stay over with their aunt and the adults headed off to a dinner dance. The lads wore their tuxes and the girls wore pretty dresses.

Black & cream dress – (gifted)
Black shrug – New Look
Silver shoes – New Look (eBay)

Total Est. Cost £17

Sunday morning we awoke to yet more snow and I briefly wondered how we were going to get home. However, it was forecast to stop by lunchtime, which it did, so we continued with our plans. The children went off to the theatre with their grandparents, and the adults went out for a pub lunch. I wore what I wore on Saturday, switching out the striped top for a black polo neck.