Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Red Shoe Diaries (Part 3)

So today’s the day! I pick up my red shoes from Next! Yay! This will be pair 49 and when I get my bridesmaid shoes through (next week or it’s going to be too late) they will be pair 50. And now I’m wondering, is that excessive? I don’t think so but those around me do. I read a lovely quote by Imelda Marcos last week: “I don’t have 3,000 pairs of shoes. I have 1,220.” Which made me smile. But really, how many pair is shoes does everyone else out there have? And when it comes to shoes, how many is too many? But I love my shoes and whilst my former housemate has more than me, I can still say “________ has more pairs than I do” to my critics!

How Annoying Is That?

OK, this is slightly (well completely) off the subject of fashion, but here is a list of things that, to me, are the most annoying things in the world:
1. People who take up more than one space in a car park. It’s laziness – learn to drive!
2. People who do 30mph in a 40 zone for no reason – yes there are speed cameras but if it says 40, you won’t get zapped for doing 40!
3. Christmas trees in August (in the pub last night).
4. Stores that think trousers with a 33” inside leg counts as longer-length or extra long length – that’s not long!
5. Stores that only stock shoes up to a size 7 or 8 (see those last 2 were fashion related!).
6. Supermarkets that move things round for no apparent reason (my local Morrison’s).

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I Dream of, Faith!

So this is what it’s come to. I am so shoe-obsessed that last night I dreamed I ordered not one but 3 pairs of shoes from the Faith website ( Ok, I have been lusting after the above pairs of shoes for sometime now, but they are too expensive at the moment and I try to feed my shoe habit at discounted prices in the sales so I am definitely not buying these right now.


I’ve just added a whole bunch of new links to the right hand side of this page. Please, feel free to add me to your own blog links!

My Outfit Today

Today I am wearing my H&M long shorts and a tank-with-shirt-sleeves-and-a-collar thing from George at ASDA. The tank is brown and the ‘shirt’ part is sort of a grey colour with stripes of beige, blue and brown. The shorts are below the knee and are brown with a sort of tweed looking stripe pattern. They are similar to the H&M ones pictured but fall just below the knee. I am also wearing my new Nine West boots – this is their first outing and I like them very much. Cleverly, they have been made with padding built in to the soles so there’s no need for party feet. If I were Prime Minister, ALL shoes would be designed this way!

On the subject of H&M – why can you only shop on line if you live in Norway or Sweden or somewhere that doesn’t speak English?! In my search for pictures of my recent purchases there I have picked up a few words of Norwegian. But really, H&M, let us British girls shop online too!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Feeling All New Romantic

Today I am wearing a White dress shirt from Gap, a Blue velvet waistcoat from Primark, a Brown pin stripe trouser suit from Long Tall Sally and Navy patent leather shoes by Magrit. I have accessorised with pearl earrings as the shirt has pearl buttons. Glancing down at my top half, I suddenly got an image of all those 80s New Romantics bands with the big cuffs and the waistcoats.

Would You Dare?

I have been watching my DVDs of Sex and the City (again) and on Friday I saw the episode where Carrie & Mr Big fall in the boating lake in Central Park and Carrie ends up back at Big’s for a shower. When she goes home she is wearing one of Big’s shirts, belted at the waist, and heels. Whilst it covers her fine at the back as she is so, so tiny, it is VERY short at the front. This got me to thinking, how short is too short? I have a lovely little suede skirt in royal blue. I love it but it is very short, and has a small split up the thigh making it even shorter, especially on my long legs. Consequently, I have only worn it once, and then with black tights. However, I’m thinking that now I have my fabulous Sock Dreams socks I may have to try it again this Winter.
But back to the original question. I think that as long as you can’t see the top part of your tights and you don’t bend over, nothing is too short. As long as you have the legs for it and feel comfortable, I say go for it!

The Red Shoe Diaries (Part 2)

I ordered the shoes in a 9 and they will be with my local Next store on Thursday! I am trying not to get too excited in case they don’t fit but hopefully they should be OK. Then all I need is the accessories to match!

I Wimped Out!

Yes, it’s true, I am a fashion wimp! I was all set Friday morning. I had on my crop jeans and put on my shoe boots and thought no, this just looks ridiculous! I think it had something to do with the points making my feet look incredibly long. My ankles have never looked skinnier though! So I took them off and put on some calf length ones instead. I think it is important to be able to distinguish when trend looks good on some but not on you and so from now on I will stick to my beloved knee high boots. Maybe this blog should have been called Bootgalfi!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Don't Tell My Boyfriend...

…but I think I might try out ankle boots with a skirt tomorrow. I’m still not convinced about this look but as I already own a pair of shoe boots I figure I should at least give it a go. I promised my boyfriend I wouldn’t do this look as he thinks it looks daft, and I won’t do it in his presence but on a dress down day at work…
The boots pictured are by Sergio Rossi and are the same basic shape as mine. Mine are black though with a lower heel and no tie bits on the top, just a small zip up the back.

So I Caved...

Yesterday I wore my black knee high boots. I was determined not to bring them out in August (see my earlier post) but the weather has been so wet and rainy recently that I couldn’t bear to wait any longer. I teamed them with my black shirt dress, turquoise bangles and bare legs though for a more summery feel. I suppose now is a good time to make use of knee high boots without having to wear tights with them.
My boots are lovely by the way and I have tried in vain to find a picture of them on the web so I will have to tell you about them instead. They are leather throughout, including the soles, and are by Arturo Chiang. The heel is straight, slim and high, about 3 ½ inches I would say and looks like it’s been put on backwards – ie. It’s rounded at the front and straight down at the back. The toe is pointed but not too much. I bought them in Century 21 in New York almost 3 years ago and I still love them!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More Socks!

As I was so thrilled with my purchase from sock dreams, I have gone ahead and ordered some more pairs. I have chosen the ‘Long Cuffable Scrunchable’ style in Natural this time, which I hope will work with brown boots and skirts. When I tried these socks on for real the day after I posted, they were so long that they come all the way up my legs and can be worn as stockings even with a mini skirt. Fabulous!! I have also opted for a pair of super long socks made of wool. These promise to be even longer with a warning that they will shrink a little on the first wash. Can’t wait for them to arrive now!

The Red Shoe Diaries (Part 1)

A lovely friend of mine reminded me yesterday that Friday is payday! So that means I can take a trip to my local Next and request that they order in a size 9 for me, unless by some miracle they actually have one in stock. I may wait a while to purchase the red bag…oh who am I kidding; I will get it next week if I am near a DP!

Friday, August 18, 2006

To Buy or Not To Buy – That Is The Question!

I really, really want some red shoes. I don’t need red shoes, I don’t need ANY more shoes but I’ve seen these adorable ones from Next and I don’t know what to do! There are various draws to them:
1. They’re only £16.99
2. They’re leather
3. They are available in a size 9
4. They are lovely
5. I really like them

However, there are reasons why I SHOULDN’T buy them:
1. I have A LOT of shoes already
2. I am about out of storage space for shoes in my tiny flat
3. I have no red bag to go with them and would therefore need to purchase one (though that would give me a reason to get the HUGE red bag at Dorothy Perkins…)
4. I would also need a red belt to go with them (yes I am from the school of bag, shoes & belt should always match – I don’t always adhere to this rule but it’s good to know I have the option)

Please help me with my dilemma!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Longest Socks in the World...Ever!

I just bought 2 pairs of socks from the wonderful Sock Dreams website – it stocks every kind of sock imaginable and more! They are the ‘Long Cuffable Scrunchable’ style and I got them in grey and black. I am 5’11” and my height is in my legs. When measured against my legs, the socks are so long they reach all the way up. When put on, the foot part fits my size 9 feet perfectly and the socks stretch most of the way up my thigh. Certainly high enough to wear with a knee length skirt and look like super-thick tights. I have read about this site in several places now – on Style Bytes, Style Bubble and Style Finds (links to all at the side). I just can’t wait for suitable weather to wear them now!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Shoe Size Lottery

I have read several magazine articles recently about the lottery that is clothing sizes. Does a UK12 equate to a Euro 38 (Oasis, H&M) or a Euro 40 (most other places)? And indeed, what is a UK12 as it can vary wildly from one store to another. I have clothes in my wardrobe ranging from a 10 to a 16, all of which fit me.
This got me to thinking about the variations in shoe size. Yesterday I went to a local independent bridal shop to find shoes for my sister’s wedding at which I am a bridesmaid, and tried on a shoe in a size 41. It almost fit. I am normally a size 42 or 43, depending on the style of the shoe. Note that I say 42 or 43. I used to say size 9 but depending where you are shopping, either a 42 or a 43 is classed as a 9. Consequently I can wear an 8 if it’s a ‘big’ 8 and is really a 42, and therefore almost a 9! It’s all very confusing. That there has to be 3 sizing methods in this country is bad enough (UK, Euro & US, which many designer styles are sized in), but it is made worse when stores can’t even agree what equates to what. On trip to New York 3 years ago I learned that I was a US11M which I believe equates to a UK9. However, in recent times I have purchased several pairs of shoes and boots by American designers (Nine West, Roberto Cavelli) and found myself to be a US10W, and on one occasion, a US9W which is meant to equate to a UK 7 but there’s no way I could ever wear a UK 7!
The very friendly and helpful lady in the bridal shop said it would be best to order a 42 which she kept referring to as a 9, and called the 43 a 10. As the 41 was only a little too short for me I agreed with her and she ordered the shoes for me. They are the style pictured which is called ‘Lily’ and is from the Pink range by Paradox of London. I am having them dyed a dark red to match my dress.

My New Dress

I am love, love, loving my new black shirt dress. It’s a cotton number from George at ASDA, has short sleeves and quite a full skirt (very similar to the one pictured on the left). I haven’t had anything with such a full skirt since I was about 8 and had this wonderful little white skirt with dark pink spots and a matching blouse from the Ladybird collections at Woolworths. I loved that skirt, you could twirl in it and it would fly out at almost a 90° angle. I was tempted to do a twirl today, right in the middle of the car park but thought better of it. I was never really a dress person, I had it in my head that they don’t fit me and this is still true of more fitted styles as I am slightly bigger on the bottom than on the top. But a dress in this style is perfect for me, as I discovered with my Next Prom-style dress (pictured right) that I purchased earlier in the summer and am loving still. It has a cream belt with it but I found it a little low cut to wear on it’s own for work (though I may do so on holiday next month, with a well positioned safety pin or two) so I bought a length of blue tape to use as a belt and wear a blue vest underneath it, and a blue shrug over it if it’s a little chilly and complete the look with blue shoes, of course! Who know I could become such a dress girl?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Shopping Frustrations

So, then inevitable has happened. I’m bored with summer clothes. This happens to me at the end of every season, in the spring I get bored of my thick sweaters and winter coat, and crave weather warm enough to wear a lighter jacket and strappy heels instead of boots. And around this time of year I start to crave cooler weather so I can drag out my boots and winter coat again! What can I say, I’m never happy!!
In an attempt to get a fix of Autumn styles I went shopping on Saturday but was disappointed to find a lack of all things Autumnal in the shops. I was looking for a sweater dress but the only one I saw was at H&M and was very thin and see-through. (Why do see through clothes make it in to the shops? Who do they think are going to buy them? Gap is a prime example of this at the moment – once reliable for quality basics, now all the t-shirts are thin and flimsy.) There was nothing remotely wintery in the shops at all and I was surprised how many of them still had sales on. I suppose I think it’s later in the year than it is as it was so cold yesterday. I will just have to try to be patient and go again in another month or so to find my Autumn wants.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Went shopping today and this was my outfit. My sister said I look very smart when I met her at lunchtime. I like to look smart if I can.
Skinny jeans Topshop (Tall range)
Jacket (part of a suit) Dunnes
Vest Topshop
Cardi Long Tall Sally
Shoes Dolcis

Saturday Shopping

I went shopping today and got a few items. The above dress and wrap are from Long Tall Sally and were heavily reduced in the sale. They are not for anything specific, but so I have an outfit if I get invited to a wedding next summer or a formal event later in the year. Blue is one of my favourite colours and this shade is described as cornflower. The wrap matches the dress even though it doesn't appear to do so in the pictures.
I also went to H&M and got a 3/4 length black wool coat and some crop trousers in a brownie-beige check. I can't find pictures of these on the H&M website.

Picture of New Shoes!

As promised, here is a picture of the shoes I bought last weekend. I have worn them for work twice this week and they are very comfy. I guess it must be true what they say about designer heels being positioned in such a way that it eases the pressure on the ball of the foot.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


So, big co-incidence yesterday. I put on my navy prom-style dress with cream ribbon belt from Next, an off-white shirt from Oasis, and my navy patent leather shoes by Magrit, and logged on to Style Bubble (link in the side panel). Susie Bubble had posted a long piece about buying from the school uniform department of stores to save money on basics and create a uniform-themed look. My thoughts on my outfit yesterday were that it was a little ‘school uniform’ but decided that the height of my heels (high!) made it more grown up.

Today, having heard the weather forecast say it would feel ‘cooler and breezy’, I have opted for a more Autumnal look. I am wearing a brown linen skirt suit from Next, a white shirt from Gap, a beige cashmere sweater from United Colors of Benetton and brown ankle strap shoes with a high heel, round toe and cut out design, by Roberto Vianni from Debenhams.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Style Diary

I would dearly love to post a Style Diary/what I’m wearing today section on here, but as I am without a camera at present I shall just have to settle for describing what I’m wearing. Today is a work day so I have on a knee length straight denim skirt with splits up the sides (a bit risqué for the office but I like to push the boundaries…), from Zara, a white, dress-style pleated shirt from George at Asda which has cute little jewelled buttons, a blue velvet double-breasted waistcoat from Primark, flesh coloured tights and my beautiful new patent leather navy shoes from the discount warehouse outlet place.
I don’t know how helpful this is to anyone without pictures, please feel free to comment and let me have your thoughts, about any of the articles on here. My sister has kindly offered me the use of her camera so I will try to post some outfit pictures at the weekend. Meanwhile, I’m just going to enjoy the challenge of coming up with something different each day!

Monday, August 07, 2006

DVD Review: In Her Shoes

I had intended seeing this movie at the cinema but it was one of those that I never got round to seeing. So now that it is available on DVD I have watched it and it’s wonderful! From the reviews I had read at the time of the cinema release, I had thought (hoped!) that the shoes might feature more prominently than they did but any shoe-aholic girl would kill for Toni Colette’s character’s shoe collection. The story is about two sisters who, although very different, are close and protect each other. They fall out over a man, discover they have a grandmother they never knew and, as you would expect with this kind of chick-flick, it all ends happily ever after.
It’s a fluffy girl-film, the kind I love, but there definitely could have been more about the shoes!

New Shoes!

Well I wish I could show you the new shoes I bought on Saturday but I can’t find a picture of them and I don’t have a digital camera! So I’ll have to settle for telling you about them instead. They are a navy blue court in patent and skin-detail patent leather, by Spanish designer Magrit (no, I hadn’t heard of him before Saturday either!). They have a square toe and a V shape top (I read somewhere that this was going to be a big shape next season but I can’t remember where) and although they verge on looking grandma-y, are prevented from doing so by the 3½ inch thin heel. But the best part: they were just £22 in the sale! I got them at a local Discount Shopping place but there was also a sale on. I am feeling very pleased with myself!

Friday, August 04, 2006


I love Faith shoes. They have some fabulous designs and they are one of the few places that actually does a 9 (my size). But why, why, why don’t they do all their styles in a 9? You’re not telling me there’s not a market out there for them, there must be loads of women with size 9 feet and hardly anywhere to buy shoes!
These lovely patent leather ones were just showcased at Shoewawa, but guess what? Not available in a 9!! Luckily for me, some of Faith’s 8s come up quite big so I may be lucky but not always! I swear, having big feet is a curse!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Shoes With Socks?

Can you wear socks with shoes and a skirt or shorts? This trend seems to be everywhere at the moment – I’ve seen it numerous times in magazines and in pictures from the new season collections but to me, it breaks all the fashion rules. There are dark coloured socks with light coloured shoes and white socks with black or dark coloured shoes. I even saw a few girls on the street at the weekend sporting the look.
I have recently been watching old episodes on Sex and The City and in an episode from season one, Carrie is seen wearing white socks with black Mary Janes and shorts. Either that girl was way ahead of her time or she just didn’t care what people thought of her fashion sense.

So, socks with shoes. Hot trend or fashion faux pas? You decide!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Generally, I just have one thing to say about this Autumn/Winter trend: Why?
There is nothing flattering about leggings (unless perhaps your name is Kate Moss or Sienna Miller) but when I saw this particularly hideous pair I just had to write something further on the subject. They are from Motel Clothing, the existence of which I was alerted to by Susie on the ever-fabulous Style Bubble ( and yes, the range has some very reasonably priced and wearable items but these? No thanks! Still, if you decide you love them and can’t live without them, they are available at for just £11.20 and come in two other equally delightful colours.
But again: Why?

Cold Weather

So, is it just me or is it decidedly chilly this week? Actually, I don’t think it’s really that cold it just seems like it after the weeks of hot weather we’ve been spoilt with recently. But this cool snap leads me to wonder (Carrie Bradshaw style), are boots acceptable in August? All the fashion authorities (mostly American it has to be said) that I’ve read recently say keep boots for September, if not October, but yesterday I saw a girl on the street in black knee high boots and on the grey day, she didn’t look out of place. Personally, I think if the weather’s right it doesn’t matter what time of year it is. Trouble is at the moment we can’t even rely on the sun not coming out and making it too warm for boots again!
(By the way, the boots pictured are from Nine West. I own them in my dreams!)


Isn’t it funny how your fashion tastes change over a season? Last summer, skinny jeans were something I never thought I’d wear, yet now I own 3 pairs. I think they look best with boots over the top, but I have a longer length pair from the Tall collection at Topshop that I’m intending wearing with heels on Saturday night. I think the reason for my change of heart is the constant bombardment of celebs, magazine features, pictures in general of people wearing them and looking great. In the same way that a song will grow on you with continual airplay, fashions grow on me.

Back in 1997 when I started university, I was adamant flares were a one-season wonder and I was NOT going to wear them. However, after almost a year with my fashion savvy flatmate, I bought the first of many pairs of flared jeans, learned to love boots and haven’t looked back since. Then 8 years later skinny jeans make a return.

So, what are my favourite brands of jeans? Gap’s Long and Lean style seem to fit and flatter me the best (illustrated above), and the length is good (I’m very tall!). Also Topshop and Dorothy Perkins’s Tall range though sometimes the sizing can be a bit hit and miss in there. As for colour, my boyfriend likes me in dark denim so consequently I feel good in dark denim, plus it’s the smartest looking kind. But I also love pale jeans for a more relaxed look and in the right cut (long, flared or bootcut and over smart heels) they can also look pretty smart.

And I love to customise my jeans. If I ever get a digital camera I will post a picture! I have a pair I just love that were a classic tapered cut and I split the seams and inserted a piece of fabric to make a huge flare, and sewed patches on to the legs in the same fabric. On another pair I embroidered flowers on the bottom of the legs and on the back pockets. I’m not hugely talented at sewing but I think they look good and it gives you something truly unique if you customise your clothes.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fall Fashion Wish List

1. Sweater Dress (longer and thicker than the one I have, and roll neck) - anyone any ideas where to find one?

2. Navy Glitter Courts from Faith – never going to happen, they’re way too expensive. But look at the picture, aren’t they beautiful!

3. Huge (but inexpensive) smart bag – Dorothy Perkins have some nice ones but they’re red or white. I need brown or blue.

4. Gloves – brown and blue to match my scarves.

This list may well be updated!

Evans, A Previously Untapped Shoe Resource

The other week, I had something of a shoe revelation – Evans! I don’t know why I’ve never bought shoes there before – maybe I associated it with knee high boot for those of us that have calves wider than average (though that would probably be a useful attribute for a boot not that tucking your jeans in is so popular) but it’s a veritable wonderland, especially for girls like me with big feet (I’m an 8/9). Just take a look at their sizing chart
(actually that probably won’t work due to it being one of those Flash sites but everything is at ), where else does a UK8 equal an Euro 43??!!!! And they’re comfy too thanks to the magical flexisoles. Yes they are wider fitting but not as wide as you may think. I’ve always thought of myself as having narrow feet and I didn’t have a problem.
Like the rest of the high street, Evans have a sale on at the moment and I got some incredible bargains - £100 worth of shoes for just £29, so I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself too. So I would encourage all girls with larger size feet to take a look, there were plenty of sizes 8, 9 & 10 in the sale in my local store.
P.S. The shoes pictured above are some of the ones I bought. My boyfriend was terribly rude about them, called the colour 'hearing aid beige'! What does anyone else think?