Saturday, March 25, 2017

My New Glasses (2017 Edition)


You may have noticed that I got new glasses a few weeks ago. Given that some of my most popular past posts were one about my glasses, I thought I’d do a post about the new pairs that I got this time. (This post is not sponsored – I wish it were! – I just know that people are interested in reading about my glasses.)

I went to ASDA again as they are cheap. But the service is good and they seem to do a thorough eye examination (and as someone who’s been having her eyes tested since she was eight, I should know!). I had my eyes tested and my sight had got even shorter than before meaning I needed to pick out some new glasses. I was kind of thinking I would get some new ones anyway, even if my prescription hadn’t changed, as I’d had my other pairs almost two and a half years and I was ready for a change.


After about an hour of deliberation (it takes ages to choose new frames when you can’t see your whole face in the mirror when you’re close enough to the mirror to be able to see clearly – if I want to see clearly in the mirror my nose has to be about an inch away from it, at that distance you can’t see your whole face. So I had to try on a pair of frames, take a picture on my phone, put my own glasses back on, look at the picture and decide what I thought. Yes it would have been easier to come back another time when I had my contact lenses in. No I didn’t want to do that as the ASDA store with the optician in isn’t that close to my house or work now – I used to drive past it on the way home from my previous job. Yes the whole process was much more difficult before the invention of camera phones.) I finally picked out a pair of ordinary glasses and a pair of sunglasses. Well, I picked out two options for the sunglasses, but given my complex prescription (I think that’s just a polite way of them saying that I’m blind as a bat!), and therefore the thickness of my lenses, I had to go for the smaller option.


The ordinary glasses are by Morgan and the model number is 201094-4133. They are black on the outside with a bright pink inside and you can see them on the ASDA website here.

The sunglasses I chose are by 7 For All Mankind (and it’s my dream to get a pair of jeans from the same brand to match them…) and are model number 7095 (here on the ASDA website).  At the time of writing I hadn’t actually worn them as it hadn’t been sunny enough… but I’m sure they’ll come into their own come the summer. I picked them because they look like regular sunglasses and when you spent as many years as I did not wearing sunglasses at all because you couldn’t see through them, getting to wear them now is still something of a novelty. Even after all the years I’ve had contact lenses.


So there you have it: two pairs of new glasses, one of which is getting (almost) constant wear, the other I live in hope that the sun will come out one day and let me wear them!

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