Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Merry Christmas To All…

…And To All, A Good-Night!

Right, that’s me done for Christmas, so I’ll see you all in the New Year!

Have a good one!

They Said There’d Be Snow At Christmas…

(They didn’t actually, but that’s one of my favourite quotes from a Christmas song, coupled with the 3rd line – But instead it just kept on raining – far more likely if you ask me! And since this blog is about fashion and weather, I had to get this in somehow didn’t I?!)

Anyway, all I really wanted to tell you is what I’m wearing today:
Black sparkly skirt – Lecomte
Black cotton rib polo neck sweater – Marks & Spencer
Black Tights – George
Black shoes – Faith

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Boot Namesake!

These boots are destined to be mine – they’re called Fickle Fí!

Outfit: In The Grip Of This Cold December…

(spot the song there?)

It's actually cold and frosty out today, just the kind of weather I like in December. Clear blue sky, sunshine, and frost.

Dark brown linen jacket – Next
Dark brown linen skirt – Next
Red acrylic sweater – Dorothy Perkins
White shirt – Oasis
Brown tights – Topshop
Brown suede boots with cream faux fur trim – Roberto Vianni (Debenhams)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Outfit: It’s Coming On Christmas…

Trying to get a little more festive each day this week, as well as staying warm! Will have to break out the Santa boots again shortly!!

Purple wool round neck cardi with tiny sequins and beads all over it – Per Una at Marks & Spencer
Grey wool A line skirt – Gap
White square neck t shirt – Dorothy Perkins
Black tights – Unknown
Black knee high boots – Century 21

Monday, December 18, 2006

Outfit: It’s Getting Colder!!

And of course, I’m hoping for snow this time next week but that’s not likely to happen as I’ve never seen a proper White Christmas. Ever. (And my shoe choice for the big day won’t cope with snow.)

Grey pinstripe wool mix wide leg trousers – Dorothy Perkins
Grey pinstripe wool mix wide short fitted jacket – Dorothy Perkins
Lilac v neck acrylic cardi with faux-fur collar – Pilot outlet
Black cotton vest – Topshop
Black brogue style kitten heel pointed courts – Dolcis

Sorry, no pic of these shoes. Am still hoping Santa will bring me a camera so I can post pictures…!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Outfit: Casual Friday

Grey cowl neck sweater dress – Tall Girls
Black leather belt with silver rimmed holes – Local boutique
Black Argyle pattern tights – Boots
Black knee high boots – Arturo Chiang (Century 21)

So I'm looking pretty similar to this picture really!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Outfit: Windy Thursday

Black and cream spot pattern wrap dress – Dorothy Perkins
White vest – Dorothy Perkins
Black cardigan – Long Tall Sally
Black 100 denier cotton rich tights – Marks and Spencer
Red shoes – Next (these should have been my ‘mostly be wearing’ item for yesterday, I’ve worn them 3 days in a row now!)

Further Christmas News

Following on from yesterday’s madness, the world has now officially gone insane. With an average waist measurement of 47” in department stores, Santa is clinically obese.

Christmas Party

So, it’s my work Christmas Party tonight and I have to say, I’m more excited about the fact that I can wear my new shoes (the blue metallic ones) than the choice of venue: Pizza Express. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Pizza Express, they make good pizza. It’s just that it’s a Christmas party. And well, pizza isn’t very Christmassy. I’d much rather be going to some dressy affair like most of my friends seem to be but as I work with a bunch of lads I guess this is as good as it gets. So whilst everyone else buys a new dress or digs out their sparkly frocks, I get to don my jeans and a sweater and eat pizza. Great.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Oh For Goodness Sake!!

Bureaucracy & political correctness in this country has gone mad! First on December 4th, an article appeared about the people of Embsay village in North Yorkshire who wanted to arrange a Christmas party for the village and got this response from Craven District Council when asking permission to use the car park outside the village hall for the party.
Organisers of a village Christmas party have been told they must carry out a risk assessment of their mince pies - or their festivities will be cancelled.
Council bosses say posters will have to be displayed at the party in Embsay, in the Yorkshire Dales, warning villagers the pies contain nuts and suet pastry.
The cocoa content and temperature of the hot chocolate must also be checked
Read the full story here:

Then, many employers banned Christmas decorations in the workplace for fear of offending people from other faiths:

And today, it is apparently no long safe for those on stage a pantomime to throw sweets to children for fear of triggering allergies and Worthing Bough Council have advised them not to do it:

Sorry to deviate from fashion but things like this really make me mad!!!

This Week I Will Be Mostly…

…wearing my new Tall Girls sweater dress
…reading the January issue of Cosmopolitan.
…watching re-runs of Friends at breakfast time. Apart from Neighbours at tea time, that’s about the only chance I’ll have to watch TV this week
…eating pizza! It’s the office party tomorrow and we’re off to the ever-exciting Pizza Express
…shopping for nothing. Hopefully. No more purchases til after Christmas.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tall Girls Purchases Update

Well my things arrived yesterday and they are fab! The trousers feel a wonderful quality and they are super long (well I did go for a 38” inside leg length!!). The dress has the longest sleeves ever and will look great with boots and tights. I can’t wait to wear them and will definitely be ordering more from this fantastic site!

Outfit: Red and Black

Black cord flare trousers – Topshop (Tall)
Black soft knit acrylic v neck – Dorothy Perkins (Tall)
Red cotton vest – New Look
Red Shoes – Next

Monday, December 11, 2006

Outfit: Sparkly Monday!

Black skirt with glittery, sparkly bits in the fabric – label says Lecomte, bought from a Local Boutique
Black vest – Topshop
Black v neck cardigan – Long Tall Sally
Black tights – Silkies (mail order)
Black knee high boots – Aturo Chiang (Century 21)

It’s Chrisssttttmmaaaaassss!!!!!

Well, almost. 2 weeks today people! That’s just 13 days away! To say I am excited would be an understatement. I am probably totally annoying the Young Man and my work colleagues but I really don’t care! I will be excited if I want to be.
But now the annual question – what to wear on Christmas Day? It has to something suitable for all activities – church, lunch at the Young Man’s sister’s house (and possible playing on the floor with his 18 month old niece) – whilst still looking stylish and gorgeous. I have a red cashmere sweater, purchased recently from George at ASDA so that will be quite festive. Then there’s the red satin shoes I wore when I was a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding in September, that I have been waiting for another special occasion to wear again. So it better not rain!! (Oh look, another reference to the weather!) I’m thinking I’ll team these items with black trousers or jeans.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Clothes, Shoes and the Weather

That’s how a friend described the contents of this blog the other day. And I suppose she’s right. But when you think about it, the three are inextricably linked. I have already posted about my method of how choice of footwear leads to the rest of my outfit, (see Shoegal: Choosing An Outfit) but surely weather also plays a part in the choices we all make everyday about what to wear. If it’s freezing cold outside, you wouldn’t go out in a summer dress without a coat, or go to work in strappy sandals without tights. Equally, on a hot summer’s day you wouldn’t wear your winter coat, thick sweater and boots. So I will expand my method of getting dressed to include the weather. As well as determining how far I need to walk in the day, I will also check whether it’s raining. Clearly, suede or open footwear will not be suitable for torrential rain, but neither will jeans with flat shoes which will allow the water to be soaked all the way up your legs (don’t you hate when that happens?!). So yes, I suppose it’s fair to say that this blog IS all about clothes, shoes and the weather.

Outfit: Friday Boots!

Pale blue Long and Leans jeans with flower embroidery – Gap (customised by me)
Brown cotton v neck sweater – Dunnes
Pink leather belt – H & M
Pink leather boots – Bertie (BT2)
Pink bangle bracelets – Gift from friend
Silver hoop earrings – Claire’s Accessories
Brown silk scarf – Mackays

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Outfit: Christmas Wrapping!

Yup, that’s what I’ll be doing, along with my little sis tonight! I’m getting quite excited about Christmas now. I had choir practice last night and we spent 2 hours singing carols in preparation for the concert in a week’s time.
Beige roll neck ribbed cotton sweater – Gap
Brown/beige long shorts(!) – H&M
Teal v neck tank top – Next
Brown tights – Topshop
Teal calf length boots – Faith
Teal/green/turquoise zig zag skinny scarf – Per Una at Marks & Spencer

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tall Girls Purchases

I just ordered this dress and these trousers from - I've never ordered anything from there before so I hope they get here quick and are OK. I'll let you know how I go on.

This Week I Will Be Mostly…

…wearing something cheery to combat the wet & rainy weather!
…reading the January issue of Company. I have long wondered why magazines work a month ahead of the rest of us. Anyone know the answer?
…watching ‘The Snowman’ & ‘Father Christmas’ that I just bought on DVD. If you have not seen these wonderful animations go and get a copy from immediately!
…eating more mince pies and chocolate biscuits at work – I have all male colleagues and they are a Bad Influence!
…shopping for gift wrap & tags so I can wrap all those presents I bought last week. Also for stamps to post my Christmas cards

Outfit: Rainy Wednesday

Cream angora & wool mix v neck sweater – Oasis
Brown check wool mix A line skirt – Next
Brown tights – Next
Brown suede with cream faux fur trim – Roberto Vianni

I got these boots in the sales in Debenhams in the summer, £20 down from £110!! Someone commented this morning that they are very festive. I think they would be Santa boots if they were red. They have lacing up the side which you can just about see in the picture.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Shopping

So I just need to buy one more thing which I should be able to pick up tonight, and then it’s all done!! I’m feeling very virtuous! Off to my sister’s later in the week to wrap everything, then I’ll be ready for the big day.
I did buy a teensy treat for myself whilst out on Thursday, some brown leather gloves for just £18 from New Look. They have long wrists which is good as my arms are so long that short gloves sometimes leave a gap between them and my coat sleeve.
Also, these are a Christmas present to myself:

Oops, I Nearly Bought Shoes!!!

I am trying really hard not to buy any more shoes this year, but when Office have 25% off everything at it’s really hard!!! But I am being good!! I am remaining strong! (But you don’t have to so go take advantage of the discount!)