Wednesday, January 03, 2007

BBC Predicts Denim Is On The Way Out

It’s true, in their ‘Predictions for 2007’ feature, the BBC website says the following:

Jeans, in their seemingly endless incarnations - bootcut, hipster, wide-legged, high-waisted - have been THE High Street fashion success story of recent years. But that's about to end, says Hadley Freeman, fashion writer on the Guardian.
"A combination of customer fatigue, overexposure (not least by the Wags in Baden Baden last summer, with their seemingly requisite wardrobe of bootcut or skinny jeans) and, frankly, a lack of any new denim styles left, means jeans, while still a wardrobe basic, won't generate anywhere near the excitement that they have for the past half decade," says Freeman.
"At the end of 2006 you could already see customers and retailers experimenting with alternatives, from leggings to shorts over cashmere tights."
So, Freeman's tip for 2007: tunic dresses with thick tights, "a look that is comfortable, flattering and can be worn to work or out in the evening".

Personally, I can’t see this happening. A few years back jeans were supposed to be ‘uncool’ as they were increasingly worn by uncool men such as Jeremy Clarkson and your dad, but did this stop us wearing them? No. And I don’t think it will happen this time either.

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  1. If it means we all get to dress like commandos with tight pants and boots and oversized baggy pants that look like dresses on boyz go away, I'm all for it.