Thursday, June 26, 2008

All About My Boots

Well I couldn’t leave out my favourite form of footwear, could I?

Arturo Chiang Black Knee High
I bought these in New York at Century 21 in November 2003. I went on a short trip there with my friend. We went to Century 21 twice in as many days. The boots are leather in their entirety.

ASOS Brown & Black Knee High
I was on a quest back in April for some over the knee boots as they would actually reach all the way up to my knees. The only reasonably priced ones that came up on Google were these for £20 in the ASOS sale.

Bertie Pink Knee High
I was in Dublin in 2004 with the same friend who I’d gone to New York with. We’d looked in the shoe department of Brown Thomas and it was all fairly expensive. So we crossed the street and went into BT2, the younger, funkier, sister store. And staring at me on the sale shelf were these fantastic boots for 99€. We went out that night I got all kinds of attention for my footwear, peeking out from under my jeans.

Priceless Shoes Blue Slouch
£15 in summer 2006. I bought these boots on the hottest day of the year that July because I saw them and knew that such a fabulous colour would sell out quickly in my size.

Brantano Brown Ankle
These cost me £30 as I got a 10% discount on account of a loose thread on the stitching. The heels are 4” high and at the time were about the highest I had. I got them on a trip to Bristol in about 2001 or 2002.

Faith Brown Knee High
I loved the stitching detail and buttons on these boots when I saw them in the Faith sale. They cost me £50. At first I thought they were too pointy but once I tried them on at home with various jeans I decided I would keep them.

Faith Teal Mid Calf
These were bought at the same time as the brown pair above and were £40 in the sale. I love the colour and how they magically make my legs look slimmer.

River Island Green Suede Boots
I saw these on the sale table during a shopping trip with my Australian friend last summer. She was in the changing rooms at the time so I thought I’d try them on. I didn’t hold much hope as RI shoes have not fitted in the past, but these boots did. My friend came out and said ‘those are hot’ and as they were only £15 I got them. They are super long as they are supposed to fold over at the top, but unfolded they reach my knees. I think it was the bright green colour that attracted me to them. I must really get a better picture of them.

Ethel Austin Grey Ankle
Faux suede & faux leather, these had been reduced to £8 in Ethel Austin. They are super comfy and surprising waterproof too.

Faith Tan Knee High
£50 in the Faith sale. I should wear these more but because I associate boots with wet weather, the colour is not good. I will have to wear them more on cooler days this summer as the colour is better than black for ‘summer’.

Nine West Dark Brown Knee High
I really should get a picture of my own boots. I have these in dark brown. However, the red is good as you can see the detailing on the sides. I got these for £40 when Allers was shutting down in Leeds. They are comfy for their heel height and I can walk around the city centre for much of the day in them with minimal pain.

Next Black Shoe Boot
These were full price. I got them around 2001 I think, just after I had started working. They were £54.99 and I had to order them from the Next Directory as they don’t stock size 9s in the shops.

Nine West Red Ankle
These were also from Century 21 in New York. I got them either the day before or the day after the black Arturo Chiang pair. I go through phases of liking these and not liking them.

New Look Black Knee High
My latest boot acquisition. I got these on eBay a couple of months ago because I already had them in brown and they were pretty comfortable. There is a fold down flap at the top, but when it’s turned up the boots reach right to my knees. They cost me 99p.

New Look Brown Knee High
Bought on eBay for about £5. Exactly the same as the boots above.

Faith Navy Shoe Boots
I should eBay these really as I haven’t worn them in ages, and have only worn them about four times since I got them. £20 in the sale.

Tall Girls Flat Knee High
I really needed some flat knee high boots for winter and finally splashed out on these from Tall Girls. The leg is extra long so hits at my knee. £65 in the sale.

Splash Turquoise Fur Trim Mid Calf
One of my first eBay purchases in about 2003. Faux suede with a faux fur trim. They came from America and cost $24.99 so about £12.50 now. I don’t know how much that would have been back then. They are just fab – the fur, the colour, everything.


  1. I am so jealous! I want a shoe collection to rival yours. I love that you are also a bargain queen.

  2. Thank you! I love that I am a bargain queen too!