Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Boots

So remember how I said last week that I might have placed an order in the Priceless Shoes sale? Well yesterday my order arrived. The boots I am wearing today were £10.

These fab grey over the knee boots were £20. (I was going to buy some similar about 6 months ago but they sold out before I got around to doing so.)

And these black ones were £8. They are described as ‘high leg’ but I think ‘mid-calf’ would be more accurate although that could just be the length of my legs. Nonetheless they have a low heel and a rubber sole so should be fairly comfy, and that is why I bought them after all. They will be great under jeans because they are stretchy and therefore neat on the leg.

As always the service from Priceless was fantastic. I ordered Thursday morning and received an email on Sunday afternoon to say my order had been dispatched. It was delivered mid-morning yesterday (Monday).


  1. Are those OTK boots stretchy?

    And I hear ya on the disappointment with liberal use of the phrase "knee high". If shoes and boots were really fair then they would realize oh, bigger feet means taller person so let's add some height here to the shaft.

  2. The OTK boots are not stretchy, but they are not tight on the leg, I will have no problems putting them over jeans.

    And I totally agree with you about boot lengths. Only Long Tall Sally & Tall Girls seem to have grasped this though.