Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Outfit: EMU Boots

The reasons for this outfit were two-fold. Firstly, I was trying to channel an outfit I saw on TV on Sunday night. I watched a film called ‘Keeping Mum’ and Kristin Scott Thomas’s character spent much of the time in a grey polo neck sweater, jeans and UGG boots. My grey polo neck is in the wash so I had to go for black instead. I’ll go with grey next time I need a comfy, casual outfit. Secondly, the blisters on my feet were a bit sore so I figured that my EMU boots were the best bet for comfort. It was definitely a good idea putting them in the car yesterday to tramp around Tesco in.

Black rib polo neck sweater – Marks & Spencer
Jeans – Next
Chestnut suede boots – EMU Australia (On Shoes)
Black leather belt (on jeans) – local boutique

Total Est. Cost £46


  1. That looks so warm and comfy. Perfect! Hope your blisters feel better soon.

  2. It was. And thanks, my blisters are much better today.

  3. Comfort. I really want a pair of those boots now.