Monday, May 11, 2009

Outfit: Footless Tights

Well, it’s back to work today after my week off. I’m trying out footless tights for the first time today as a brighter, lighter alternative to leggings. So far, so good, and I like them.

In an attempt to wear as many shades of purple as possible, I retrieved this cardi from my winter wardrobe. It (rather unfairly) gets put away every spring because it has a faux fur collar but it hit me last night that – duh – the collar is detatchable and the cardi could be very useful for spring/summer.

Lilac cardi – Pilot Outlet
Black dress – George at ASDA
Purple tank – New Look Tall
Purple belt – Ethel Austin
Purple tights – Dorothy Perkins
Tweed shoes – Matalan
Lilac scarf – Diamonds and Pearls
Purple necklace - Scope

Total Est. Cost £45


  1. very the whole outfit

  2. Love those footless tights - they do nothing for me, but really work with your outfits!

    The colours in this one are fab! x

  3. I absolutely LOVE the shoes, and the tights! What a great way to wear a shirtdress, too. Fabulous!

  4. Thanks girls! I'll try out the blue pair I have next.