Monday, June 29, 2009

Outfit: Sunday & Weekend Recap

Friday night we were going to stay in but the young man’s parents came over and we ended up going for a drink with them to the local cricket club. We were only going to stay for an hour but we got chatting to some other people in there and by the time we left it was midnight. I wore a black top, boyfit jeans and leopard print flats.

Saturday I had a concert with my choir. The afternoon was spent rehearsing (and missing all the lovely sunshine). I wore a purple tank, cuffed dark skinny jeans and the same turquoise peep toes I have on today (Monday). The concert was Saturday night and meant the choir uniform – a shapeless blue blouse and full length black skirt had to be worn. I added black peeptoe shoes to it as it was far too hot for tights.

Yesterday – Sunday – we slept late, then I went to do the Tesco shop. The young man & his mate went off on a bike ride in the afternoon (though I think they did more sitting outside a pub drinking than they did cycling), then they returned home and we had a BBQ. I walked up to the retail park to get a few bits in Boots, then sat in the garden with a book enjoying the sun.

Blue cardi – Ethel Austin
Blue top – Primark
Jeans – New Look
Silver flats – Priceless Shoes
Blue necklace – Dorothy Perkins
Blue beads – gifted
Blue & turquoise bangles – Oxfam
Blue chunky bangle – Diamonds & Pearls

Total Est. Cost £43

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