Monday, June 15, 2009

Review: Boots Golden Shimmer Instant Tan Makeup

It’s mid-June and I decided it was finally time to bare my legs, despite the threat of rain later on today. All girls know that bare legs require fake tan of some kind or another – especially when your legs are as white as mine are (seriously, you would be reading this blog in sunglasses if you saw the true colour of my legs). Like many men, the young man does not like the smell of fake tan. And honestly? Neither do I really.

Amber reviewed Boots Golden Shimmer Instant Tan Makeup on Hey, Dollface! last year and was really positive about it so I thought I’d give it a go myself. And I’m pretty impressed. I applied it last night after my bath and there was no smell at all. It dried really quickly and once dry, it did not transfer onto anything else (I sat on my white dressing gown to protect the sofa, just in case, but there was no rub off). When I woke up this morning my legs felt soft, as if I’d applied copious amouts of moisturiser the previous evening.

The colour is good but as Amber said, it is fairly subtle and tends to just take the edge off the whiteness of my legs rather than be totally golden brown. But for everyday use that is exactly what I am looking for to avoid blinding people with the glare from my legs. I used the lotion fairly sparingly as it was my first time but would not be afraid to slap some more on next time. The tube says that for a darker colour you can wait for it to dry and then apply some more. Again, this is something I might try next time, although Amber said it didn’t make a lot of difference when she did this.

I used the Matte version of this product but I think it is also available with a shimmer if you wanted something extra for evening wear.

I would definitely recommend this as an alternative to regular fake tans – there is no fear of mistakes as it simply washes off with soap and water.

Boots Golden Shimmer Instant Tan Makeup is £2.95 and is available at Boots stores.


  1. Glad you liked it - I've used it quite a lot since I bought it: it's really handy for those unexpected sunny days when I haven't done a fake tan!

  2. Can I ask what happens if it rains? Does it streak??

  3. Amber: I'm scared they're not doing it this year - it's not online and I couldn't see it in store on Sunday. I didn't really look properly mind...

    Candycane: I don't know! I managed to dodge the torrential rain yesterday. Tell you what, just for you, I'll experiment splashing water on my legs tonight and see what happens!

  4. LOL now theres dedication for you :D