Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Review: Bra Clip Cleavage Racer Back Strap Creator

I was tired of my bra straps always showing under my tank tops so I decided to investigate clips to hold make them into a racer back bra and hold them out of the way of the edge of my tank tops. Amazon came swiftly to the rescue with the clips pictured above. Supplied by Girlyshop they are only 99p each and are just the job. They come in black or clear (I bought 2 clear ones – I know I’m bound to lose one at some point. They are easy to use (once you master putting your bra on over your head, like a top) and stay in place all day, no problem. Buy them here.


  1. What a fantastic idea - I will have to look out for a pair.

  2. I reckon department store lingerie departments would also have them - Debenhams and the like. I just want things there & then so ordered online.