Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Shoes!



My work friend C dragged me to Matalan at dinner time today (OK, I didn’t take much dragging) and I ended up with 2 new pairs of shoes. Oops. The red flats are leather and were £12. The snakeskin courts were on the sale rack for just £5. I have been after some snakeskin shoes for a while so there was no way I was leaving them there for that price.


  1. Hi,

    I love the red flats that you have in this photo. I tried to track them down online but I keep getting "Isabella Fiore" flats. I assumed that they can't be...because of the price you paid. If you could, please let me know what designer they are!

    Thanks and love the blog,

  2. Hi
    Thank you, the shoes are great aren't they? They are from Matalan - Fiore is one of the brand names they use there to disguise the fact that it's Matalan and therefore cheap!