Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Outfit: Gym Wear




The things I do for this blog! Since I keep banging on about going to the gym for Body Combat, I thought I’d do a post on what I wear to go there. I don’t look my best for the gym at all, but that doesn’t matter. The group in the class is very friendly and the gym is not at all pretentious so battered old workout wear like I have is fine. I did invest in a proper sports bra which is the white you can just see peeking out. It’s a racer back crop top style from Marks & Spencer and I can definitely recommend it to do its job. I wear my Sketchers Shape Ups for the class because the soles are so springy. My other pair of trainers (bought for playing badminton – the one criterion being that the soles were not slippy because the floor was slippy!) have very flat soles and it was not easy to leap around in them without feeling very flat footed. The Sketchers’ chunky shaped sole makes them idea for moving around easily.

Black tank – New Look Tall
Navy blue (well, they used to be!) joggers – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Sketchers Shape Ups – Fitness Footwear (gifted)

Total Est. Cost £19

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