Monday, August 24, 2009

Review: Hoss Intropia Shoes

I was contacted by Shudoo last week and offered a free pair of Hoss Intropia shoes. I had heard of this brand but I didn’t know anything about the shoes they produce. I was directed to Shudoo’s website where I discovered that there is something very Irregular Choice about Hoss Intropia. As all the items were in the sale sizes were limited, but I picked out this pair of turquoise flats. I am not so sure about the balls on the front of the shoe, nor am I sure of the point of the peep toe (it’s so small you can’t even see a flash of nail polish through it), but I love the colour of the beautiful turquoise suede. I have an idea in mind for an outfit to pair them with, but sadly the threat of rain last week deterred me from wearing them. They will definitely get an outing soon.

The regular price of these shoes is £140 (sale price £40, so there are some definite bargains to be had!) so I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to try out this brand.

Click here to shop Hoss Intropia sale shoes.


  1. Possibly they doesn't cost theit worth! )

  2. Those shoes are fugly.

  3. I love Hoss shoes and their clothes I discovered them in 2007 and went straight to their shop in Regent Street. Enjoy them.