Friday, August 28, 2009

Shoe Modification

Hoss modified

Hoss modified 2

Remember those Hoss Intropia shoes I was sent? Well, I decided I probably wasn’t going to wear them as they were. So, with a few snips the balls have been removed and I’ve added a leopard print bow shoe clip that I bought on Etsy. I used a piece of the dark green suede from the balls to plug the peep toe holes too, as they were in such an awkward place for the shape of my feet. Ten minutes work and what a transformation!

I love the shoe clips and they will work with loads of my other shoes too. And I am on the look out for some alternative clips to use with this pair of shoes. I want some large jewelled ones I think so if anyone knows where I could find some, let me know!


  1. very cool! i think you did a great job with the transformation!

  2. I must confess that I loved those crazy little puff balls! But the clips are cute, too. And I was so excied to see you found hem on Etsy!