Thursday, September 17, 2009


You may have noticed that I wear a couple of rings everyday, and I often wear the same silver bangles too. So here’s a look at my ‘regular’ jewellery.

Apologies for the pictures, I was having a hard time getting them in focus. I’ve posted them smaller so they are less blurred.

This is the ring I wear on my left hand ring finger. It is platinum with tiny diamonds set into it and was a gift from the young man the second Christmas we were together. In the words of Samantha in the SATC movie, it’s ‘a ring with diamonds, not a diamond ring’. I wear it on my left hand because it’s a bit big for my right hand (I’m left handed so my left hand is slightly bigger).

I wear two rings on my right hand ring finger. The little silver one was bought for £1 in a bargain basement jewellery store in Bradford when I was in the fifth form. I think my friend bought it then sold it to me. I’ve worn it everyday since then. The other ring is the only bit of yellow gold I wear. I think the centre part is platinum and the stones are probably cubic zircona. This ring belonged to my grandma and was either her eternity ring or a present from my granddad for their 25th wedding anniversary – my mom can’t remember. She gave it to me many years ago and I think I’ve worn it since I was in the 6th form.

This silver bangle was a gift for my 21st birthday from a very dear friend at my old church. The picture is not great but it fastens with a hook on one end through a hole on the other end. The silver is quite soft and it has molded to my wrist over the years.

Finally, this silver bangle with pink stones in was a gift from the young man, for our first valentine’s day. He also bought me a sieve for the kitchen as mine was broken.

If I don’t list any jewellery with my outfit, chances are I will be wearing either one or both of these bangles.


  1. "He also bought me a sieve for the kitchen as mine was broken."

    Lol! I love it!

    They're all lovely pieces, nice to hear the stories behind them all!

  2. I got a tyre for Christmas one year. A car tyre. Fitted and everything. No, I'm not kidding.