Friday, September 11, 2009

Outfit: Casual Friday







NL Blue

It’s been chilly out on a morning the past few days so I added a hat & scarf today to try negate the need for a coat. It worked OK and I know it will warm up later on.

When I planned this outfit last night I knew it would be predominantly grey due to the t shirt and jeans, so I added in a ton of bright blue to liven it up a little.

I am still impressed with the length of these jeans. I bought them without trying them on and as they wer only £8 and I intended to just wear them under boots it didn’t really matter how long they were. But they must be a 33” inside leg at least, which is long for a regular length jean.

Last night I sorted out my wardrobe. I had intended waiting until this weekend to switch over my summer and winter things, but the young man had other ideas. Whilst I was out on Tuesday evening he fitted a piece of wood to divide the built in closet space in half, thus cramming all my dresses into a much smaller space than before and I was struggling to get them out. He also built himself a shelf for the bottom of his side of the wardrobes. So last night I shuffled things around a bit to make fuller use of the wardrobe in the spare bedroom that I had previously used to store my off-season things. Consequently, I now have more space in my main closet, but no longer have everything divided up into seasons.

Once the sorting out was done, I put on the Sex & the City movie whilst I did some ironing. The young man came in from the garden and moaned but declined the opportunity to turn it off in favour of regular TV. We ended up watching the whole thing and I think he secretly quite enjoyed it – but would never admit that in a million years!

Blue cardi – Dorothy Perkins
Grey top – New Look
Grey skinny jeans – Primark
Blue patent shoes – New Look
Black beret – Florence + Fred at Tesco
Blue scarf – Dorothy Perkins
Blue chunky bangle – Diamonds & Pearls
Blue & turquoise bangles – Oxfam
Blue beads – Scope
Whitby Jet cross – gifted

Total Est. Cost £57


  1. You look better and better day by day! I like you eyea and your smile very much. The autumn outfits are all very interesting and creative. The new photo background is good ))) Thank you