Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Outfit: Julie & Julia


Matalan Snakeskin

After my gym class last night I had a quick tea and shower, and then raced off to meet my sister at the cinema to watch ‘Julie & Julia’. I was expecting to love this movie and I didn’t not love it, I just didn’t’ love it as much as I thought I would, if that makes sense. It seemed to lack coherence at times and I thought they could have done more with the end, but I am guessing they stuck pretty close to the original stories (but I don’t know the original stories so I can’t be sure). It does have a certain charm about it and when I heard it was about a blogger, well, there was no way I wasn’t going to see it. I’m not sure it would be one I would buy on DVD, much as I do love Meryl Streep.

As for ‘The September Issue’ which would have been my first choice to see. It appears to be on limited cinema release here in the UK and is out on DVD on 21st September so I have just pre-ordered it from Amazon. And I’ve just realised that that is Monday so not long to wait at all!

I just had time to snap one picture when I got in. I layered up with two sweaters and a scarf because the night time temperatures are really dipping now, and I am always cold in the cinema due to overzealous air conditioning.

Grey cardi – New Look Tall
Black sweater – Long Tall Sally
Jeans – Topshop Tall
Snakeskin shoes – Matalan
Turquoise scarf – eBay

Total Est. Cost £56

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  1. Turquoise scarf's fab! But. to my opinion, the jeans do not fit 100% to the rest of outfit, or may be the shoes do not fit to the jeans and the other, the shoes seem to be too small... excuse me!