Friday, October 16, 2009

Outfit: Casual Friday







No outfit shot from last night as I wore pretty much what I’m wearing today, except the boots were black with black leggings, and I wore my paler, distressed denim mini. I was tempted to keep the skirt the same for today but it’s really a bit too short for work, especially with tights rather than leggings. We had tea with the young man’s parents last night which is always good as it means I don’t have to cook. And then we spent a couple of hours relaxing in front of their fire.

So, on to today. I’m so pleased it’s Friday. I have no plans for tomorrow other than a few chores, so I’m looking forward to a lie in.

I bought these tights last winter and wasn’t really sure what to pair them with. But what do you know? They match these boots perfectly (and I only discovered that last night whilst I was digging through my tights drawer looking for a brown pair. I am still loving the thumb holes on this sweater – it’s like I have fingerless gloves on all the time! And what’s not to love about that when you’re as cold as I usually am?

I added my cream pashmina and brown leather jacket over this to go out this morning.

Grey hoodie – Next Tall (eBay)
Teal long sleeve t – H&M
Denim skirt (made from jeans) – Topshop Tall
Rust tights – New Look
Rust boots – Now Discount Shoes (gifted)
Sliver necklace – gifted

Total Est. Cost £56


  1. You really do have the bestest boot collection!!! jealous!!!! although my legs would be too short for these boots... jealous again!!!

  2. Thank you! I think my legs are a bit too long for them mind.

  3. I like the colour of those tights .. and the thumb holes in the sweater are fab!

  4. A great stylish/casual look. I love the skirt.