Monday, October 05, 2009

Review: Caterpillar Boots

Caterpillar Anna - Peanut

When I was a teenager, Caterpillar shoes were synonymous with those lace up ankle boots that workmen often wear. In the mid-90s that kind of boot was quite a popular look, but these days? Not so much. Just as well then, that Caterpillar have expanded their range and now offer some great looking boots which are also practical, comfortable and great for outdoors-y type activities. So when Fitness Footwear offered me the chance to try out some Cat shoes, I jumped at the chance and picked these Anna boots in Peanut.

I think these boots are quite biker looking – especially if you choose the black which is another colour option, and biker is going to be a trend this A/W. Also, they remind me of Frye Harness boots which are always a classic.

I like that they give an ‘edge’ to some of my outfits, and all that faux fur will keep my legs and feet toasty warm now that the temperatures are dropping with the onset of autumn proper.

As always, UK shipping at Fitness Footwear is free. Buy these Caterpillar Anna boots for £89.95.

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  1. they remind me of fryes too! what is the faux-shearling made of? is it poly?