Sunday, October 25, 2009

Review: Nailene Acrylic Strong Topcoat

A while back Nailene sent me a box of nail goodies and in it was a bottle of Acrylic Strong Topcoat. I used it the last time I painted my toenails and the polish did not chip. At all. I am very lazy when it comes to my toenails – I tend to paint them and then leave them until the polish is chipped beyond repair, then take it off and start again. But the Nailene topcoat made the polish last so long it was starting to grown out rather than chipping. I painted my toes and finger nails on Saturday evening and applied Acrylic Strong Topcoat to both. I am usually fairly rubbish at preserving nail polish and chip it within a day or two. It is now Wednesday and my fingers have not chipped at all (though of course now I’ve said that, I am bound to chip one today). I did apply a second layer of topcoat yesterday dinnertime, just in case, but so far so good. The polish is only a cheap Collection 2000 one and I would usually use Sally Hansen’s Diamond Shine topcoat so it is definitely the Nailene product that is making the difference. I am definitely a convert to this topcoat and will be buying another bottle once my current one runs out.

(NB. This post was written & scheduled ahead of time. I am quite aware that it is not Wednesday today. I am pleased to report that it was Wednesday evening before the polish chipped at all, and Thursday evening before it chipped beyond repair.)


  1. You are so right. This polish is unbelievably good

  2. An unbelievable product. The polish lasted until I wanted to change the color.