Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Outfit: New Jacket!





Next black & cream

I’m just back from drama group and I really enjoyed it tonight as we had a different chap conducting it. I have nothing against the usual bloke, I just don’t like his rehearsal style – doing 4 bars at a time instead of letting us sight-read a bit gets very tedious.

This is the jacket that arrived from Dorothy Perkins earlier in the week. My outfit is a kind of homage to Erin, who has 3 (at the last count) of these knitted moto jackets now and is doing a great job of rocking them. It was her who inspired me to get this one, and I shall be borrowing her ideas as to how to wear it. This one is not actually knitted, it’s more of a soft winter coat type fabric, but it has no wool in it although it feels like it does. However, as it was half price and I wasn’t about to pay the extortionate shipping to get the one from Forever 21, this will do fine.

I kept the cream scarf to pick out the cream on the shoes, and to keep the whole thing quite neutral. This is my last surviving pair of Long & Lean jeans and I must wear them more (but not so much that they wear out like my other two pairs have).

Grey jacket – Dorothy Perkins
Grey sweater – Zara
Jeans – Gap
Black & cream shoes – Next (charity shop)
Cream pashmina – gifted
Whitby Jet cross necklace - gifted

Total Est. Cost £86

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