Monday, December 21, 2009




I got up at 5am on Saturday morning for a very cold drive to Glasgow to meet up with Emma of In These Heels and Erin of Pretty Vintage. By the time I arrived in Scotland my windscreen washer had frozen up completely, and the radio was reporting that Dumfries had ‘warmed up’ to –7.3˚C!

I made it to Glasgow Airport where I met up with Emma, and we headed off to Prestwick to meet Aimee of I Am Boutique. She is every bit as lovely as her blog would have you believe and we had a good nose around her shop.


After a tasty lunch in a little café in Prestwick, we drove back to Glasgow to check into the hotel and meet Erin and her husband. With 3 girls who love their shoes, a trip into the city centre was in order. Erin tried on lots of shoes in Primark.

primark shoes

We found a lovely little Italian restaurant for our tea, then Emma & I were dropped back at the hotel for an early night after our early start.


Sunday morning dawned cold and snowy. I had visions of being stuck in Glasgow but by 10am the sun was out. We breakfasted in the hotel and then I bid my farewells for the long drive home. 6 hours later, having driven through sunshine, sleet and snow, I arrived back at church for the candlelight carol service. After church I met up with the young man and some friends for a Chinese take out which rounded off a great weekend.


  1. Had a marvellous time! Thank you again for coming all the way to Scotland for #ErinOnTour! It was, in my humble opinion, a raging success ;)


  2. Aww thanks for the kind comments! It was lovely to meet you too! The weekend sounds lovely!

    P.S. my shop looks FAB in the picture!!

  3. I am sooooo jealous!!!