Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Outfit: Birthday Party






Last night we went to a friend’s house for his birthday party. It was a great night, with food, drinks and Just Dance for the Wii which was so much fun (and which I now totally want).

This is what I initially put on but when we decided we would walk up I changed my boots for my trusty EMUs. I’m glad I did as it was still very icy out and I don’t think I would have got up the hill in my blue boots as they have no grip. I knew my footwear choice didn’t really matter anyway as everyone takes their shoes off in this particular house. I just wanted to add to the 80s vibe of my top with the blue boots. As someone who often starts an outfit with the shoes, I find it quite a challenge to pick out something that will look OK without any shoes on.

There is no photo from today as my hair is in a state and I’m just in jeans and a sweater anyway. The blue boots did get an outing today when I went to drop some things off at the charity shop and to see whether Tesco had any more Denby in (they didn’t).

Blue sweater – Tall Girls
Blue cami – New Look
Denim skirt – Matalan
Black leggings – New Look Tall
Blue boots – Priceless Shoes

Total Est. Cost £50


  1. I absolutely adore those boots...a great color and Fashion Addict is right -- it looks fabulous on you.