Thursday, December 17, 2009

Outfit: Cold Thursday





Barratt Tan

It is trying to snow outside right now, but not trying very hard. There is snow forecast for the next few days but I will be surprised if it comes to anything.

I took some cough mixture last night to help me sleep, so I don’t think I was fully awake this morning when I got ready. (I forgot to take any detail photos for a start.) I had planned to wear a different skirt with brown tights, but when I put it on I decided it was a bit short for work, which is a shame as it looked fab. So I switched to this teal skirt, then switched the brown tights for teal ones and now I am not really happy with this look. Ah well, you win some, you lose some. I’m out again tonight and have a fab dress to wear with OTK boots so I know that will be better.

The skirt and tights are actually much greener than they look here.

Brown polo neck sweater – Long Tall Sally
Teal skirt – H&M
Teal tights – Accessorize
Tan boots – Barratts
Silver snowflake earrings – Funky Junk Jewellery

Total Est. Cost £95.50


  1. I LOVE the colour of that skirt and those tights - i'm just not sure with that jumper!

    Love that last pic its funny and cute!

    Hows the snow situ - weve got quite a lot here now ....


  2. I think perhaps tucking the jumper in would have been better...

    There's still a lot of snow around, the roads are fine here now though. But there's more forecast for tonight - yay!