Thursday, January 21, 2010

Outfit: Red & Turquoise Accessories







NOW Discount Red

Sometimes I just want to be lazy with my outfit planning. On days like that, an all black ensemble is just the thing and can easily be brightened up with touches of colour in my accessories, and when your main outfit is monotone accessories in two colours work well. I have said many times before that red and turquoise is a favourite combination of mine and that remains the case this year.

I have a night in tonight which I am looking forward to. I don’t know whether it is the dark nights or the cold weather, but I am finding it harder to motivate myself to go out in the evenings at the moment. Perhaps it the lack of a return to routine since the Christmas break: assuming it doesn’t snow tonight, this will be my first full week back at work this year. Perhaps it just the January blues. Either way, I hope I snap out of it soon. I have some fun things planned this weekend so that should perk me up a bit.

Black sweater – Long Tall Sally
Black waistcoat – Next Tall
Black cord trousers –Topshop Tall
Red belt – mall market stall
Red shoes – NOW Discount shoes (gifted)
Red beads – eBay
Turquoise scarf – eBay

Total Est. Cost £85


  1. I never think to put turquoise with red, but I love this outfit. It takes a "Plain Jane" black and adds some life to it.

  2. I'm sure seeing your fabulous sister this weekend will definitely cheer you up! :o)
    Love from your fabulous little sister. xxx

  3. red shoes always cute!