Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday Shopping

Blue jacket4

Blue jacket2

Blue jacket1

Blue jacket3

I first saw this jacket in H&M when I was in the city with my sister on New Year’s Eve. I loved it then but decided to be good and not buy it. This week my Paypal account was looking healthy from recent eBay sales so I decided I would go and get the jacket. I had fun dressing it up to take pictures this afternoon, and will wear it to go out in soon. It is faux leather, but doesn’t look or feel cheap. The sleeves are a great length for something that is not a specific ‘tall’ item. I don’t always go into H&M. There is a lot of tat in there. The sizing annoys me: they size down compared to everywhere else – for example a UK 12 is usually a Euro 40 but H&M call a Euro 40 a UK 14. And they don’t have online shopping, which in 2010 is shameful. As a result I tend to forget they exist but my sister likes them so it is often when I am with her that I venture in and find a gem.


  1. I love this jacket; the color is so sharp, and the cut is kind of edgy. I know what you mean about H&M sizing; it's such a pain!

  2. Thank you! That's just what I thought when I first saw the jacket.

  3. I always find H+M stores to be a bit of a jumble sale style 2!

  4. There is always too much stuff in H&M! And it annoys me when they have something displayed on a mannequin high up, but you can never find it hung up anywhere.