Monday, January 25, 2010

Why I Love…Waistcoats

I appear to be wearing waistcoats quite a lot at the moment. I have always loved waistcoats. Back in 1995 when I was 16 I had a fabulous little dark red waistcoat that came from a charity shop. It had a sort of brocade front to it and a fastening thing at the back to tighten up the waist. I seem to recall the buttons being on the right suggesting it was designed for a man. I wore it over a white top all that summer and possibly on into the following year. At some point I must have decided that waistcoats were no longer the thing to wear and sent it back to the charity shop.

Today I own three waistcoats: a blue velvet fronted one from Primark, a black one from Next Tall (worn last Thursday) and a grey one from Long Tall Sally (worn last Friday). I love that a waistcoat can give an outfit the structured look of a jacket, but without the sleeves, which I sometimes find can be restrictive to movement. It will nips in your waist without the confinement of a belt. It will add an air of formality to an outfit – for example, a waistcoat is an easy way to instantly smarten up a jeans & sweater combination. A waistcoat is also an easy way of adding a layer to your outfit – over a sweater, t shirt, dress or shirt, or under a jacket, it works and adds texture and interest.

When I think of that red waistcoat I had as a teenager, it takes me back to my summer holiday in 1995 when there were several photos taken of me wearing it. It was a happy time and although I no longer have the garment itself, the memories will be attached to it forever.


  1. Oh Fi, you've just taken me back to the early 90's! Personally my waistcoat was a black watch tartan one, which my Mum handmade for me, as I couldn't find just the right thing in the shops! I loved it, and wore it with everything! The beauty of black watch tartan was (is, I suppose!) that you can wear it with green, black and navy! I had a navy "body" and a green one which I wore underneath, and my favourite look was with tailored shorts (in navy, with thick tights and navy penny loafers, of course!). I also loved it while pregnant, and wore it out on many an occasion during 1995 with a huge white shirt and maternity leggings! Those were the days...... lol!

  2. LOL glad to be of assistance in a trip down memory lane!
    I had a red 'body' that I used to wear a longer navy blue waistcoat over.