Thursday, February 18, 2010

FitFlop SuperTrainer

Rumour has it that FitFlop are set to release a new SuperTrainer sometime in the near future. This product is still in the development stage but sign-off on the design is said to be imminent. They will then have to pass the London South Bank University ‘Microwobbleboard™ standard’ test. ‘Microwobbleboard™ is the technology used in FitFlops to give you a work out whilst you walk, by throwing your balance off slightly causing your core muscles and the muscles in your legs to work harder to keep you upright.

The shoes are so new that there are no images available yet – in fact the name isn’t even certain, but as soon as I have further information I will pass it on.

The trainers are likely to be similar to the other types of muscle toning shoes already on the market, but if you love your FitFlops and are wishing for a version that can be worn in all weathers, then the FitFlop SuperTrainer could be the shoes for you! As soon as they are available, Fitness Footwear will have them in stock and as always, UK delivery will be free.

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