Thursday, February 04, 2010

Outfit: Snowy Thursday





Red flat

Sometimes taking pictures of what you’re wearing has its uses. This morning for example. If I hadn’t have taken my usual pictures I would never have known that raising my hands above my head caused my slip to show. But in the taking of my pictures, I discovered this before I left the house and was able to change my slip for a shorter one.

Last night I was fully intending to wear what I had worn all day to go out for tea and then on to drama group rehearsal. As I arrived home though, it started to snow. Heavily. I decided flat boots would be a better idea so went for my bright blue ones. However, but the time I was to leave the snow had settled and I was sliding around all over the place so I ran back inside and put on my EMU boots instead, and added a black cardi rather than the blue jacket. This turned out to be a wise move. The snow continued all evening and the church we rehearse in is on a very steep hill. People’s cars were wheel spinning and slipping on the roads. Once again I was very grateful to have a 4 wheel drive and I got home no problem.

We have had no further snow overnight but the pavements and side roads are still covered this morning. I wore my EMU boots again to drive into work and changed to the red ones when I got in.

Grey sweater dress – Tall Girls
Grey thermal top – Tesco
Black leggings – New Look Tall
Red boots – Shoe Express (eBay)
Silver earrings – gifted

Total Est. Cost £52


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  2. Thanks ladies.

    Lesa: I do read and I will definitely check out your new blog.