Monday, February 08, 2010

Review: No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick

Last weekend I had two No7 vouchers that needed spending before Sunday. I went to Boots on Saturday and decided to treat myself to two new lipsticks to replace two that had broken off. I was looking for a dark read and a pink shade. I ended up with two from the Moisture Drench collection (Red Carpet and Petal) as those were the shades closest to what I was looking for. The only No7 lipstick I had used before was in Morello Cherry in the Luscious range and this is, disappointingly, long since discontinued.

I have been using the new shades on and off this week and I am pleased with them both. I have not noticed that they are particularly moisturising, but they do have great staying power. I can apply the red one in the morning and it will last through two cups of tea, a glass of water, two biscuits and a banana. I am too lazy to blot and apply multiple coats so for just one coat this is impressive. They also have SPF15, something I am always pleased to find in my beauty products.

I would definitely buy from this lipstick range again, especially when I have a £5. The full price of the lipsticks is £9.50 each and they are available in Boots.


  1. Which colour is the one in the picture? It looks nice & if you're pleased with it I likely will be too.
    I too used Morello Cherry until my 2 year old daughter detroyed it along with the dress she was wearing at the time...LOL
    Was searching on the internet & found your blog.
    Please let me know, thanks for your help.

  2. Hi
    I'm not sure what colour the one pictured is, I will have pinched the image from the Boots website and it will be the default shade they had there.

    I have since found a better colour match for Morello Cherry though - Revelon's lipstick with the quilting pattern on the side of the tube - can't remember what it's called, sorry. But the shade you want is Plum.