Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Search For a New Foundation

Up until this month, I was happily using Clinique’s Superbalanced Compact Foundation. Sadly, this product has been discontinued and so started the search for a new foundation. I was looking for another compact one, preferably with an SPF. I tried the new No7 compact but found this made my forehead very greasy. I tried Max Factor’s compact but this has no SPF and the coverage was too light. Even with the application of concealer in addition, blemishes were still visible. I am currently trying out Estee Lauder’s Resiliance Lift Extreme compact foundation and so far, I like everything but the price tag! I will review it properly in due course. In the meantime, if anyone can recommend another compact foundation, please do so.


  1. I HATE compact foundation! ACK!

    Estee lauder in my book is worth the price tag!

    Best foundation I have ever used is id Bare minerals powder systems. You mix it to get the exact colour and coverage that you want! I have dry sensitive skin and this stuff is a god send!

  2. I LOVE a compact foundation! No mess from powder or liquid. I am seeing that Estee Lauder is worth the price, especially as I can't find an alternative.