Friday, April 02, 2010

Review: Purseangels Handbag Hangers

Purseangels contacted me this week and very kindly offered to send me some samples of their products to review on my blog. I received the Chic 3D Shoes gift set and a compact foldable handbag hanger.

These products are a fantastic idea. If you are out in a restaurant or bar the hooks simply hook over the edge of the table and provide a safe place for you to store your handbag. The hooks keep your precious bag off the floor as well – we’ve all been in bars with sticky floors where you don’t want to put your bag down but the alternative would have been to sit with it on your lap all night. Handbag hangers are a chic solution to this problem!

The gift set also includes a key finder – the key chain hooks over the inside of your bag so that you are not scrabbling to find your keys at the end of the night. They are right there on the hook, exactly where you left them. And the compact foldable hanger has a little mirror inside it.

I think these are great innovative products and I will definitely be putting mine to use very soon.

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