Friday, May 21, 2010

New Shoes!

It’s funny how some trends you instantly dislike, but they then make their way into your consciousness by way of osmosis and you end up actually quite liking them. This has happened to me with gladiator sandals. A couple of years ago I thought they were the most ridiculous thing, but repeated exposure to them in magazines, stores and on blogs has made me re-assess and decide that actually, they are not so bad after all. And actually? I would quite like a pair. And so it came to pass that this week eBay delivered this pair to me.

Silver Gladiators

In the grand scheme of gladiators these are not too over the top having fairly minimal strapping and more of a t-bar shape to them. But two years ago if you had asked me whether I would wear sandals with straps around the ankles like these have, I think the answer would have been no.

Of course, there are some trends which I will never find acceptable, ever. Harem pants are a good example.

George Zebra Flats

As we all know eBay is a bad influence and so it also delivered to me these zebra print flats this week, for the grand sum of £2.99. I would like to thank the seller for listing them as ‘zebra pint’ flats, thus ensuring no one else spotted them (and I only saw them thanks to my inability to type correctly) and I could purchase them for the start price. They are brand new, having only been worn around the house by the seller who then decided she didn’t like them.

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