Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outfit: Ruby Shoesday







Red Wedges

I remembered! Red shoes all the way today. It’s warm and sunny again so another flouncy skirt and tank top is the perfect combination.

I was thinking last night about how much more effort women have to put into their appearance than men. Think about it. For me to wear what I am wearing today, I had to go through several thought processes/checks and rectifying beauty routines where necessary.

1. Strappy sandals – are my toes in a reasonable state to be on view? –> No –> touch up toenail polish
2. Bare legs – have I epilated/shaved and tanned? In this case my answer was yes, but that would be two more tasks if the answer had been no.

For men it doesn’t matter. They can put on shorts and sandals at the drop of a hat and not have to bother about the state of their legs or pedicure.

Red shrug – New Look Tall
White tank – Long Tall Sally
Red and white spotted skirt – New Look Tall
Red wedges – New Look (charity shop)
Red beads – Ethel Austin
Silver cross – gifted
Silver bangles – Scope
Red glitter bangles – Primark
Silver belt – Primark

Total Est. Cost £62


  1. I simply cannot say how much I LOVE this skirt! And those wedges!