Sunday, June 06, 2010

Weekend/End of Last Week Recap

I have no photos of the last few days, but I can tell you what I have been up to. Thursday was hot and sunny and the young man and I headed off on a bike ride. We cycled 10 miles, some of it along a canal towpath, had lunch outside a pub on the marina, and then cycled back. Thursday afternoon I got my hair cut and in the evening my parents came over and we took them to our favourite Mongolian restaurant.

Friday was the young man’s birthday. We headed down to Lincolnshire to visit some friends and their two children who have just moved house. The young man and his mate had plenty of chores to do around the house so his mate’s wife and I supervised the children (aged 5 and ½ and 3) playing in the street on their bikes. That evening we had a BBQ and played the Logo Game which I have not come across before but is very good. It was girls against boys and the boys won. Saturday the lads had further chores to do so the girls and children had a walk in the morning, then headed off to Skegness in the afternoon to go on the rides and have fish and chips and ice cream. That evening we had a rematch at the Logo Game and this time the girls were victorious.

This morning we went to the next village over and the children rode their bikes. After lunch the young man and I headed home. It is back to work tomorrow morning so we will be getting an early night, especially as we were woken early the past two days by small children.

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