Thursday, July 01, 2010

New Shoes: River Island Red Wedges

RI Red wedges

So, you know how I was looking for some red wedges this week? Turns out one pair wasn’t quite enough! Having seen and heard Shoeperwoman raving about these River Island wedges I took a quick trip to the mall yesterday afternoon and ended up with a pair myself. I went on the pretext of looking for a lampshade (which I found, in the perfect colour, in Next) and ended up with red wedges too. Now these are insanely high shoes, even for me, and I am VERY tall in them, so some serious walking practice around the house is required before I decide whether or not to keep them. Also they are sling backs but again, they don’t feel like they are going to fall off my heels and they have a buckle so I can always tighten them up if needs be. I think I may have to revise my sling backs rule to say they are OK if they don’t feel like they will slip off.

Whatever I decide, I am putting myself on a clothes and shoes shopping ban for July and August (September would just be cruel as by then all the new-season goodies will be out). I say clothes and shoes because I have a collection of DVDs sitting in my Amazon basket just waiting to be checked out.

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