Friday, July 02, 2010

Outfit: Calling It A Week





Orchard red wedge

I’m just going to declare this Red Week and be done with it! I’ve worn red everyday now. Perhaps I’ll do a no-red week next week to make up for it? Or perhaps not.

I think I was a bit hasty declaring these wedges super comfy on Tuesday. After I walked to the shops and back at dinnertime (about a mile or so) I found they had rubbed the underneath of my right foot. However, I am determined to break them in so I am giving them another chance today. They are a low wedge so better than flats with shorts, but not an extreme height like the River Island wedges (yeah, I’m probably keeping those...).

I wanted to wear red lipstick today so forewent (is that the past tense of forego? I know it’s not foregoed so forewent? Yes? The spellchecker isn’t underlining it so perhaps it is a word) the eyeliner and coloured eye shadow and wore lipstick instead. Now I will be running to the bathroom every hour to check it hasn’t worn off and to reapply if necessary.

Whilst we’re on the topic of makeup, can I just say how much I love my bright red pedicure? I don’t recall ever doing my toes that colour before. In fact, I don’t recall even buying this polish as I was surprised when I found it in my box of nail varnishes last night. I think this is the colour for the summer now.

Red cardi – Long Tall Sally
Turquoise tank – Topshop
Jeans – Next (charity shop)
Red wedges – Orchard (Brantano)
Turquoise bangle – Dorothy Perkins
Red beads – eBay
Cream bracelets (on worn as ring) – Diamonds & Pearls
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £41

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