Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Outfit: Ruby Shoesday





RI Red wedges

I can’t get over just how comfy these wedges are. Considering the height of them you would expect major foot pain, but there really isn’t any at all.

I have to stop by the mall on the way home – to check out another source in the never ending quest for bathroom curtains, see whether Primark have any of their cheapo (but so comfy) foam flip flops left (I have a feeling my pair from last year is about to fall apart) and to pick up some shower gel for the young man. Then this evening I have a drama group committee meeting.

Navy cardi – Next Tall
Cream and navy stripe tank – River Island
Navy skirt – Long Tall Sally
Red wedges – River Island
Blue bead bracelet – gifted
Cream bracelets – Diamonds and Pearls
Navy heart necklace – Scope
Silver earrings – gifted
Silver chain belt – Dorothy Perkins

Total Est. Cost £92


  1. they are lovely and comfortable? what a bonus!, I'm a sucker for a wedge, especially a high one!

  2. Thank you, and yes, they are really comfy. I don't really need an extra 5 inches on my 5'11" height but I love being super tall!