Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review: Clarins Fix’ Make-Up Spray

Clarins Fix make up spray

Are you fed up of your make up melting off when it’s hot outside? So was I, so I decided to try one of the make up fixing sprays that are available. I went for the Clarins Fix’ Make-Up spray (because the Urban Decay one I was after was sold out everywhere and the Clarins was the next one I spotted). It is sort of like a hairspray for your face and holds your make up in place all day. I would not be without this now – even after I had cycled 9 miles in the heat the other afternoon my make up was still in place and although it was not perfect, I would have happily left the house with it in the condition it was in, no touch ups required.  It also prevents the oil slick that my forehead and chin can become by mid afternoon.

I tend to put a towel around my neck/shoulders (like a bib) before I spray it as I am not sure of the effect it would have on clothes (and I am not willing to find out the hard way) but I have been using it on a daily basis recently and find it indispensible.

Clarins Fix’ Make-Up is available for £18.50 at Boots.

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