Thursday, August 12, 2010

Outfit: Shoeper Shoe Challenge #65








Next grey

Low heels are going to be everywhere for Autumn according to the fashion magazines I’ve been reading recently. I don’t own many pairs of heels that are lower than 3 inches, but this is one of my lower pairs. Low heels are always useful to add a bit of lift but not induce the pain in the ball of your foot that can be associated with walking too far in very high heels. These were bought in a charity shop and are a rare size 9 find. I hope these don’t end up too big for me like my other Next size 9s have done.

I must make the most of being able to take pictures outdoors in the mornings as it won’t be long before it’s too dark to do so.

Carrying my jacket as I am here reminds me of being at school. I spent the 2 years of the 6th form carrying my blazer around (yes the 6th form had a uniform at my school – it was navy blue with a white shirt/blouse, and a school tie for the boys), only putting it on when it was absolutely necessary (chapel, assembly etc) because I didn’t like wearing it. Even in the winter I would wear a sweater and scarf rather than my blazer. It used to wind up one music teacher in particular (no one else on the staff seemed bothered as they never said anything) and in the end it became a case of annoying him more than anything else. As I would often point out, the uniform list said we had to have a blazer; it didn’t say anything about actually having to wear it.

Grey moto jacket – Next Tall
Blue top – Dunnes Stores
Blue and white stripe tank – River Island
Jeans – South Tall at (gifted)
Grey shoes – Next (charity shop)
Blue necklace – Dorothy Perkins
Blue bead bracelet – gifted
Blue and turquoise bangles – Oxfam
Silver earrings – gifted

Total Est. Cost £48

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