Monday, November 01, 2010

Firetrap Review

Firetrap Embers midnight blue stripe dress

I was contacted to review an item of Firetrap clothing from Box Clothing and it was suggested that I might like to try a pair of jeans. However, there is nothing on the site to suggest what length the jeans might be and when you are as tall as I am, length is definitely an important factor! So I had another look at the Firetrap clothing range and chose the stripy dress that I wore on Friday. It is the Embers dress in midnight blue. I have a Firetrap cardigan that has super long length sleeves so I was confident the dress would have too. When I tried it on, I was proved correct – the sleeves are lovely and long and I would definitely recommend this brand to tall girls.

The dress is fully lined on the body part (the sleeves are not lined) and is very comfy to wear. When it arrived, the main part of the dress was stitched to the lining in several places to give it the ruched look that you can see in the picture here. It just ended up looking a bit strange and wrinkled on me as the ruching hit me in a weird place, so I cut the stitching and ruched it myself so it hung much better. As I am so tall it would have been a bit short for me to wear as a dress when it was stitched up. It is perfect as a long top over jeggings and now that I've cut the stitching, it can be pulled down to knee length. Anyone less tall could definitely wear it as a dress as it was.

Check out Box Clothing for a wide range of fabulous brands. The dress I chose costs £55 and can be purchased here.

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